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Learning´s methods ( essay ) HELP with corrections and mistakes on it

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Hi everyone!! this is my first article, so it is important to say that this document might be with a lot of mistakes or syntax errors. I´m going to write about educational topics and I hope this will help you. Enjoy it and give some advices after reading my essay

There are different kind of Learning´s methods, so I’m going to talk about a specific one. The learning´s method with taking the mainly ideas and comprehension reading. After that we can use mnemotechnic to increase your retention.  

The method of comprehension is important for those people that are used to use deduction abilities. This is particular way to think from a general view to a specific thing of a topic.

If you have a general overview from a topic you are going to prefer to learn with comprehension method than rote method because you are going to take many ideas from your text and it means that there are more content to process and for memorize, in contrast to inference abilities. The last one is easier to memorize because you think with a very particular element from the content.  

 The comprehension method as a mainly method for learning is a good advice if you are on the university. Whether you have to study a lot of information; you need to link your ideas with more efficient thinking and understood quickly the main idea from the paragraph to save time and read more.  There are a few advices from get on with more effectivity. To start you should analyze all the content from the lecture, then make some questions about the topic. After that, do a lecture deeply and more focus on the main ideas. Finally underline the primary and secondary ideas from each paragraph and make an overview saying, like a casual conversation, all the ideas that you remember from the text.  

To complement you can use Mnemotechnics’ method to memorize quickly and easier for your mint, using a sentence to remember all the important ideas. If you understand the content from the lecture and do all the steps from comprehension lecture you will be enjoy with the results and a get better didactical method to study quicker and deeper.  

So, that´s it remembers to comment or reply down the chart and if you like the topic and I would talk about the same topic with more details and features.  Give me five stars if your like or if not don´t worry I will improve.  :) Thank you guys, i will see you soon !!

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To write something really worthy you need to understand it. I completely agree. I have always written my works on this principle. The only problem I had was forming the right words and sentences. But how cool that there is such a service as online paraphrasing service and this service helps to fix everything in your work. They also give discounts to their customers. I think that if something doesn't work out, you need to turn to others for help!

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On 8/17/2021 at 12:05 PM, William Hardy said:

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Thanks a lot for your help!

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