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西遊記 (Journey To The West)


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I've seen it mentioned in the other thread and thought I'd make one with more details.


Journey to the West is a novel created in the 19th century China during the Ming Dynasty. The novel is inspired by the historic pilgrimage of a monk named 陳玄奘 (Chénxuánzàng) who lived during the Tang Dynasty who travelled to India to bring back Buddhist scriptures. The author of the novel was 吳承恩 (Wú Chéng'ēn). The novel came to be known as one of the four famous novels of Chinese literature alongside 紅樓夢(Dream of Red Mansion),水滸傳(Water Margin),and 三國演義(Romance of the Three Kingdoms).


The story revolves around the Buddhist monk Táng sānzàng or Monk Tripitaka who took the pilgrimage to India in search of the 大雷音寺(Dà léi yīn sì) where Buddha himself resides to retrieve ancient Buddhist scriptures for the Tang Dynasty in hopes of releasing the people of the sufferings of mankind. While on his way, he met with the mighty 孫悟空 (Monkey), a rebellious celestial monkey that once fought the reign of the Jade Emperor and in the end, imprisoned by the Great Buddha. Monkey was tasked to protect Tripitaka in exchange for his freedom. Along their journey, they met with two other companions; 豬八戒 (Pig), and 沙悟淨 (Sand Monk). The three eventually became Tripitaka's disciples with Monkey the eldest, Pig the second, Sand Monk the third, and Tripitaka's white horse the youngest. The white horse that Tripitaka rode was actually a prince of the sea banished by his father. Each of Tripitaka's disciples contained an origin story of his own with Monkey the longest. The majority of the story is about how the group goes through from one challenge and trial to another in order to earn the worthiness to the scriptures.

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I remember I watched 西遊記, the classic version of the TV show when I was in elementary school. It had two versions: Cantonese and Mandarin. I was able to understand both versions because that was what I spoke. I would rush to home just to watch 西遊記 because it had to air during my school break. My school had two and a half-hour lunch break, which I could be able to watch the show because it lasted 45 minutes. This is one of my favorite Chinese TV shows besides 三國演義.

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Are you referring to the the cartoon version of 三國演義 or the regular TV Show? I have never seen the TV Show of 三國演義 but the cartoon 三國演義 and it was pretty cool as well.

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