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Write a word that you know in Spanish


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It means a smile, good enough to brighten anyone's day :)

I like words like these. They have a pronunciation and sound that is similar to the English words that they represent. In essence, they are easier to remember.

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defenestrar- throw someone out through a window.:lol:

embelesar- to get enchanted or in love with.

deletéreo- poisonous, dangerous.

regio- awe inspiring.

prístino- pure, sheer.

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On 1/6/2014 at 0:12 PM, TheStoryteller1 said:



I will start.

un abrazo - hug, embrace


I learned that when I was trying to email columbian friend, and wanted to write at the end of the letter my usual "hugs and kisses" in his language.

I found it funny of the difference in english.   In spanish, the word for hug is based off of the word for arm.  So basically wrapping arms around them.   But in english, if you make a verb from arm,  ´ I am arming my son´..  it means to give them a weapon.

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I'm not too knowledgable and while our culture does use a good number of Spanish words in daily life there are some that maybe only the older generations are more familiar with because nowadays it's not anymore as fashionable, but I've always found them very interesting and cool, personally. One of these words that I used to hear from our older folks was lamierda which I think means to go out and go about like if we were to go out shopping that's what it would be called, to the best of my knowledge. 

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el papel - los papeles   :  the paper - the papers

It's not just about learning the Spanish word for something, it's also about learning the right articles to use which must conform in gender and number with the noun they modify.

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Common useful words, often misused or bad written by learners:

- Colocar->put.

- Vergüenza->shame.

- billete -> cash.

- Alegría->joy.

- anciano -> elder.

- desempeñar,rendir-> perform

- flujo-> flow

- ritmo ->rythm



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Vale = Okay in Castilian Spanish.  It can be used instead of Bien.


Chulo= Castilian slang word for "cool".  


Ordenador= Computer in Castilian.  The Latin American equivalent is Computadora. 


I've been collecting Castilian words like crazy lately. 

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