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Needed Japanese Words [Updated Daily]


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Ok, now I will post some little Japanese words that you need to know if you ever get to Japan.

kon'nichiha or konchia = Hello, Good day (daytime greeting)

ogenkidesuka = How are you?

ikunai nihongo = Bad or Not good at japanese.

Well, this is what I can share for today I hope I post some more tomorrow.

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Do you mean "Konnichiwa? (こんにちは)"? The "は" is pronounced "wa" in "Konnichiwa".

I've never heard of Konnichiha unless it's a dialect or a new slang term.

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^I would actually recommend getting the "Genki 1" textbook. It's a great book and if you really work at it, you can easily get the basics down in 4 months. 

If you're looking for sites to help you learn though, then maybe you can check out EasyJapanese from NHK (a TV network in Japan). If I remember correctly, they have some pretty interesting lessons online that teach basic Japanese.

Good luck. 

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8 hours ago, Shaika said:

Hey guys, where do you think I would be able to start learning the language? I'm a beginner and I need to learn the basics in about 4 months to prepare for my trip to Japan. I'm not sure what site would be better. Help? 

I recommend you start with hiragana and katakana: http://drive.cw-games.org/srv/public.php?service=files&t=809b978f4acdf0a6c0551dcc6173067d
The next step would be WaniKani (http://www.wanikani.com), which teaches you kanji and a good amount of vocabulary at the same time.
While working through WaniKani, I recommend you to learn Japanese grammar through whatever @Miya recommends, get listening exercises on FluentU (http://www.fluentu.com) and speaking exercises through Italki (http://www.italki.com).
Make sure you get some manga's or follow some Japanese bloggers for reading exercises and you should have everything covered pretty much.

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Konnichiwa is used as a greeting in the middle of the day until sundown.  If it is early morning, ohayou gozaimasu is preferred.  When it is late evening, you use konbanwa or good evening.  When asked about how you are doing (ogenki desu ka), you reply with genki desu.

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