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Which Language is the "Hardest" to learn?


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During my Spanish class today, a couple of kids who sit in front of me were talking about Spanish having to be the hardest language to learn. Do you agree, or is there another language you believe is more difficult to learn? I think it all depends on the person! Thoughts?

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Chinese is definitely the most difficult language to learn and then there's Greek. Ever heard someone say this maths test looks like it's in Greek, that's someone who had tried to learn the Greek language. :beaten:

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Dear all

Please note that we already have several threads going on about the exact same topic. Here is the most current/active one.


Please do not continue to talk in this thread here (post it in the thread I just provided).

Thank you for your understanding. :bomb:

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A language for which the script is different and does not follow a script that you are familiar with, is going to be the hardest to learn. On the other hand, if that language can be written in your native script, such as in English, it becomes easier to grasp.

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