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New Words in the English Language - Your Thoughts?


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Here's another one of those articles that examines some of the new words that have become so popular in the past year in the English language.

The writer attempts to separate out the words that "matter" versus those that don't.  I found it an interesting read.

You can see the article here:


Let us know your thoughts.  Do you agree?  Do you use some of these words?  Like them?  Find them annoying? 

Here's a quick rundown of the list of words that the writer thinks really "matter" versus those that don't.

Important words:

Big data









Unimportant or "annoying" words









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I definitely agree with the "words that matter" list. As for that other list, well, I might be getting old but I only recognized one of those words. I only know what sparrow face is thanks to a friend who posted a hilarious picture of it on Facebook. But, even if I find sparrow face hilarious, I don't think it should be recognized as one word. I mean, why not just use the usual two words? Sparrow and face are both legitimate words, why do we have to combine them for the sake of a silly trend?

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Nice post, now my slang vocabulary has improved a bit, lol. I'm quite amused that they actually came up with "belfie" taken from the word "selfie". Now I wonder what "fie" word regarding picture taking will come up next.

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I agree that some of the words that are approved as 'real' or 'official' seem spurious but that is the great thing about English and any other living or flexible language.  Words are constantly added as they become popularly used and known.  It has always been this way and likely always will.  At the time, we say "what kind of word is that?"...but in 10 years, no-one will question them.

Think of how our language would be different if it didn't add new words at all..

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I agree with the Words That Matter list, just not all of them because I'm only familiar with some. I agree, though, in that some of the other words just seem to be too forced and therefore probably irrelevant. I think the words that matter have a way of organically creeping into mainstream usage, while some are just too artificial to make it.

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The important words don't bother me at all. They are words that I use also and I have seen them been used quite often now a days. On the other hand, the unimportant words do seem a bit disturbing to me. I think it was a perfect split between both list. I have never even ever heard of them before. Just one word seems familiar and it is artisanal, if it comes from the word artisan.

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Other than Obamacare, I pretty much agree with every other new words listed there. I also find some of the "not so important" words to be annoying like schmazing for example. These words don't make any sense and sound like something made up by illiterate people.

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While I have never used any of the "unimportant" words, I don't think they are a big deal. They are just the kind of words that usually stick around for a few years at most and then disappear again.

There is nothing anyone can do about, so just sit back and ignore them.

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It almost seems like the author has invented the unimportant words himself, I haven't heard of any!

As for the important words, while most people here seem to agree with the whole list, I take issue with the following words:

Sousveillance, Precariat and Binge-watching

I haven't heard any of them being used and some of them sound like they're trying really hard to be made into legitimate words. Putting these words in the other list would have done them justice.

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If there is little education in the world, there will always be words such as 'twerk'. I don't they'll be relevant in the next 20 years.

However, the important word will always be used unless people will come with better or newer words. The word 'data' is among the most used and most important in the language in my opinion.

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