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  1. This is, somewhat, funny... I guess Well, I'll keep looking for a language app.
  2. Well, I'm confused about these: " ...it was easy to root for her on every step of the way." "...it was easy to root for her every step of the way." Anybody?
  3. This idiom reflects my nephew's mood today. School holiday is coming soon, but he already go bananas about it
  4. This is the digital age. My phone has an English dictionary -> I carry my phone almost everywhere I go -> so technically yes, I still carry a dictionary around with me, just not a printed one. It's been years since I last used a printed dictionary... time sure flies.
  5. I couldn't agree more. Wondering when will it be 'compulsory' normal to wear hats as a daily attire again like in the 50s. I just think those fedoras and skullcaps are fashionably cool.
  6. Paperback novels are still the fun way to read. Holding a printed book in my hands is mentally and physically invigorating. E-books are convenient but they strain my eyes. New bookstores are popping up in my city and already attracting many book lovers, so no, paperbacks are not losing to e-books
  7. It should. Students need to differentiate between formal and informal words, sentences, etc. I don't really see a reason why they shouldn't.
  8. Agreed. In other words, English seems 'easy' because it's widely used. This is a somewhat difficult question to answer, because whether a language is considered easy or not depends to a large extent on the learner's native tongue, culture and reason to learn it in the first place.
  9. I don't why, but this idiom makes me hungry Urgh, my eating habit is so unhealthy...
  10. Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. It was a challenge from a friend. Halfway through the book, I just quit. The plot didn't seem to go anywhere and characters' development floated around like they meant nothing. The book was essentially a hellish esotericism.
  11. Psychological thrillers would be my first choice, but the combination of both will definitely pack more punch.
  12. Mine was Judy Blume's "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." It was a gift from my ex-teacher for my eighth birthday
  13. I agree. Cover art is to catch the book buyers' attention, especially for fiction novels. Of course a beautiful cover would be useless if the story is bad. I can't stand 80's styled cover arts. E-books, especially the ones written by indie writers, often degraded by ugly 'stock photo' cover arts.
  14. - My brother is quite the bad egg (a person who is often in trouble). He always want to have his cake and eat it too (want more than your fair share or need). He's a hard nut to crack (difficult to understand) sometimes. It's fun learning idioms like this. I get to vent off about life as well Feels great to get it out of my system!
  15. Exactly! I tried to listen to an audiobook last year. It was a fantasy novel and the narrator's voice was so dull, as if she was bored to death - which made me bored to death.
  16. I'm ambivalent about these slang being in a dictionary, but since they already added 'bootylicious'.... I don't like selfie though. I never take a selfie, and the other day a woman's selfie stick was the reason that a beautiful vase crashed to the floor in an antic shop.
  17. For me, it's always 'lets get this over with'. There's nervousness of course ... anxious and determined to pass But the feeling of annoyance (which literally for me means 'I want it to be over so I can relax') outweighs everything.
  18. Some Latin ones that I know: 1] Carpe diem - seize the day 2] Volens et valens - Willing and able 3] Alea iacta est - The die is cast. 4] Deus vobiscum - God be with you
  19. I sometimes dream about living in an ivory tower. Yet society offers the best school of hard knocks. We all get our share of weal and woe in life. Therefore I'll try to make the best of things and make hay while the sun shines.
  20. I dedicate these idioms to my cat, John: 1] My brother and his ex-wife has a nasty cat-and-dog life. 2] My useless brother always try to put the cat among the pigeons. 3] I better wait and see which way the cat jumps before changing my goals. 4] It was raining pitchforks and hammer handles yesterday. Meow!
  21. Money idioms that reflects my financial situation nowadays: 1] I need to tighten my belt to be able to pay my bills this month. 2] I wish I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. 3] There are times when I feel like I'm living on the breadline. ...
  22. The others had excellent recommendations there... but seriously read what you want. I could say "read this or that, stay away from this, limit your reading on so and so", but you yourself decide if the book broadens your perspective and s&!8 .. AFTER you read the book.
  23. I second everyone here who generally stated that 'for Asian languages, Google Translator is quite hopeless.' But who knows? It might get exceptionally better in the future. Human translation is still the best though
  24. Oh wow, that's mysterious. It doesn't sound like any of the Asian languages (at least the ones that I'm familiar with). Hopefully other forum members can decipher this audio.
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