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English Practice Buddy


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I just wanted to mention that I'd be more than happy to practice English with anyone that's interested. I'm a native English speaker, and am learning to teach English for a part time job and would love to get some practice doing so. Feel free to ask any questions or just bring up a random topic. If you want me to, I can gently correct usage and such for you.


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Great idea, how's your English learning going? What's your favorite color ?

What? Haha

Hi there nonsiccus! It's good to meet you here as well. :)

I am currently teaching English to Japanese, Chinese, and even Koreans as a part time job and I must say that I enjoy doing so. I work for an online company named RareJob but I don't think that they accept teachers from other countries except for Philippines, but if they do, I think that you will also enjoy teaching others how to speak in English fluently.

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This is a very good idea. I hope people will be able to join this practice group. The main thing with any language is conversation, and it is quite difficult for anyone to learn any language without anyone to talk to.

Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are many who will be willing to practice English with you.

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That's a great idea. I actually learned english by chatting with people over the internet, and reading forums. It's enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend this to anyone learning english.

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