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  1. I am still yet to encounter "registeration" as a grammatical mistake. I haven't seen someone commit this mistake yet. Maybe on some forums where people are not very inclined to speaking (or writing) in English. But we can't blame them for this type of mistake. I agree with what others say; the root word is register so they just added -ation to refer to the process.
  2. Probably, chaewon did not include Anneonghaseyo is because it is pretty common nowadays. I guess anyone who has the slightest interest in learning Korean already has an idea on what Anneonghaseyo means.
  3. Anneonghaseyo Joo.K! Learning Korean alphabets (hangeul) is so much easier than learning the Japanese Katakana and Hiragana. I actually managed to memorize all characters within a day, which I haven't been able to do with Katakana and Hiragana until now. haha. Looking forward to being your chingu!
  4. I haven't actually tried an app that specifically teaches Korean. However, I have tried memrise and I must say that it's pretty easy to use. Aside from Korean, it also offers several other languages. Give it a try! Just head on to memrise.com. Available on Android and iOS.
  5. Perhaps try to start reading children textbooks? I haven't tried this myself since I do not have that much free time. But I am planning on doing so since I really really really read Hangeul very slowly. haha
  6. I though I already know a lot about the English language (it being my 2nd language), but after seeing this post, I realized that I really don't know that much. I was like, "oh sure! I can answer this". But then, when I looked at the options, I told myself, do you even know grammar?
  7. I think most people prefer watching subbed films than dubbed ones. I myself like watching Japanese films, dramas, and anime while reading the subtitles. It just sounds weird whenever I hear a dubbed version of a Japanese movie (with the exception of Pokemon, because I prefer the dubbed version). And there are even some occasions that I no longer read the subtitles because I kind of understand what the characters are talking about already. But when I do read the subtitles, it is only to confirm if I understood them correctly. So again, I prefer the subbed ones.
  8. I only use Romaji / Romanji when reading off lyrics. Haha. That way, I could read it faster. But then again, when it comes to studying and learning, of course, we should minimize (if not avoid) using Romaji. What's the use of learning Hiragana / Katakana when you'll use Romaji more often? But yeah, I agree with most of the people here, it is good in the beginning. But never rely on it. It's like cheating. Haha
  9. Aha! I agree with you bro. In English, you can even use the f-word as an adjective. Haha. Or, you can add the f-word every after a word. But in Japanese, it is way too different . I guess people in Japan value respect to others more than anything else. But then again, curses are among the first words that we learn in foreign languages. So to contribute a little, here's the first curse that I learned in Japanese: Bakero - ~bastard. Haha. Good luck with your study!
  10. Honestly speaking, once of the best ways on how to learn Japanese (or any other language for that matter) is to put something on the line. Say for example, you are learning Japanese because you want to impress your crush who knows how to speak in Japanese. (sorry for the lame example). But yeah, if you know that there is something, it compels you to study and learn a certain thing. Another is to hire a language instructor. That is if you have the resources to do so (money and time). But then again, you can watch a lot of YouTube videos (I myself started with watching Japanese tutorials on th
  11. Hi there! Thank you for posting this. I used to learn Japanese but for some reason (i.e. my job) made me lose time in learning Japanese. However, upon reading your post, it got me thinking, "why not go back to basics?", and here I am, going back to the basics; learning different ways on how to introduce one's self. Arigatou gozaimasu. Yorosiku ne?
  12. New Zealanders often pronounce "e" as "i' so they would pronounce "Deck" as ..... Here's a very hilarious video about decks. hahahaha
  13. I think it's great! But like others would say, it's not perfect. Nevertheless, it is very helpful especially if you are visiting a website that is in a foreign language to you. Even if Google Translate would not make a good translation, at least you would have an idea on what the page is about.
  14. Where do you live? I would guess France but I know that there are also other countries that speak French? XD
  15. Haha! That's a nice name for a dog. Almost sound like a dog barking. Very appropriate. Hahaha @Topic - Yes. I do that a lot. I would often combine it with "hahaha" or "hahahahaha" but I don't get when people would add "s" at the end of lol. which would make it lols. What would the "s" at the end stand for? XD
  16. I am the optimistic kind of guy so I guess it would be "Always look on the brighter side." Or "The grass is greener on the other side." But sometimes, you just can't help but to feel bad especially during very difficult times. But generally speaking, I enjoy being optimistic. Gives me less stress to none. haha
  17. I would be more than glad to teach you Tagalog. However, "minum" (which I think means 'to drink') is not a Tagalog word but a Kapampangan word which is the language that is being used in Pampanga and Tarlac provinces.
  18. It would be tolerable if we just use Taglish like Japanese use Katakanas. But no. I have a co-worker that I really hate so much because he always speaks in Taglish and you know that /r/ sound that makes him sound like a social-climber. Ugh! I know right? He is so maarte talaga. I wish he would make patid in the hallway. -Sarcasm.
  19. As a matter of fact, in formal Kapampangan (another language in the Philippines, yes it is a language and not a dialect) we call our brothers / sisters as "kaputol". Thanks for this informative post. Keep it up brother!
  20. I would have to agree. I think that there are too many subforums for each language too. It would be nicer if we would combine those subforums into a couple subforums for each language.
  21. Wow. Welcome aboard! Hajimemashite! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. How long have you been studying Japanese?
  22. @Meera - from what I have observed, as long as it is on media (radio, TV, anime), the pronunciation is exaggerated while in casual conversations, I find Japanese people to be a little bit lazy. Just like British people not pronouncing the sound /r/ at the end of each word. Haha
  23. As a matter of fact, YES. Actually, music is one of my reasons on why I chose to learn Japanese (or any other language for that matter). There was a time that I got hooked to listening to K-Pop and I studied a little bit of Korean. It's really weird to find yourself singing a foreign music and not knowing the meaning. You might already be saying something bad and yet you still do not know it. Also, listening to music helps me memorize words. Haha. My favorite music as of the moment is Kimi ga kureta mono (Secret Base) - by Zone (now Scandal). It's also the ending music in AnoHana (Anime).
  24. You will use Hiragana more often in the long run so Hiragana for me is more important than Katakana. However, you can't use Hiraganas when writing a foreign word in Japanese so you really need to study Katakana as well. I must agree with Miya, it took me a couple of days to find the difference between shi and tsu in Katakana. Hahaha.
  25. @Miya Don't worry. You're not the only one having trouble when it comes to particles. I have a friend who learns Japanese through a native Japanese speaker and I would often ask him regarding particles but then I would still not understand them clearly. Haha. That's how slow I am when it comes to learning. I remember when I was still a beginner (Hell, I'm still a beginner now), I would always say, watashi wa when I should have said watashi no. lol So I guess, we really need more exposure to the language in order for us to learn it effectively.
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