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Letter of application in your language/country


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I am well aware that there are huge differences when it comes to letters of applications in different languages/countries.

In Germany for example, when writing a letter of application, you will talk about the reason why you think you are the "best candidate" for the job, you will write some sort of summary about your skills and your jobs and you will also write about why it would be beneficial for company X to choose YOU instead of someone else.

I am willing to share a complete sample letter later on. I am already looking forward to compare the different versions later on. It will be very interesting to see how they are different from each other.

Of course I am not only speaking about the different kind of "content" you will find in the application letters of a specific language, but also about the different linguistic features, the register and the specific vocabulary.

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Here that doesn't really come in until you're up for an interview. If you're applying for a job you usually just send in your CV (Curriculum Vitae) providing basic information about yourself, information about your skills, and your previous jobs and experiences if there's any. If you gained achievements in the previous work place (employee of the month etc.) or if you gained significant achievements in school (if applying for a part time job I guess) it's best to put it in as well. If they contact you for an interview that's where you usually prepare for that big question which is "Why should we hire you?".

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You want a letter in English right? I could share some Portuguese ones, but I suppose that wouldn't do much sense here unless you're using google chrome and you can translate it.

We might have a spontaneous application letter, that is more free, and the traditional ones that are applying for a job, in this last case it's a more formal one, mainly answering to what is requested.

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A Letter of Application is also what we called a "Cover Letter" wherein you will tell where, how and why you are applying for that particular job. You may also indicate your sincerity and interest in the job you are applying and if given the chance and opportunity for an interview they can contact you either in your phone number and email. Then if they reply back to you for an interview and you pass then they will tell you to submit your resume or what we called CV (Curriculum Vitae) indicating some of your personal information and educational background and work experiences and lastly your character references. And everything will just follow until they will hire you.

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