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Word of the Day!


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The best online dictionary for me is thefreedictionary.com. It's very easy to navigate, and it has great features such as Spelling Bee, Hangman, and This Day in History. However, the best feature of this website is the "Word of the Day". I have learned a lot of words because of this.

Today's word of the day is:

con·tig·u·ous adjective.

1. Sharing an edge or boundary; touching.

2. Neighboring; adjacent.

3.a. Connecting without a break: the 48 contiguous states.

  b. Connected in time; uninterrupted: served two contiguous terms in office.

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Thanks very much for the link. I haven't even checked it out as yet and I'm liking it already. Just checking it out daily to learn a new word should be no problem since I'm on the net everyday. Not to mention the other learning exercises. Hope others will like it too.

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That is great information. I think it is worthy of being my 3rd homepage, just so I can click it and learn a new word every day. And especially after seeing today's word of the day. I had no idea about the word "pusillanimous".


Definition: (adjective) Lacking courage; cowardly.

Synonyms: spineless, craven

Usage: Why, you pusillanimous piece of dirt, you'd run with your tail between your legs if I said boo!

OK, I am not sure whether I will be using this word, but it sure is good to know that it exists.

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This is today's Word of the Day!


Definition: (noun) Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others.

Synonyms: mischief, devilment, rascality

Usage: Ms. Adams caught Tommy dipping Sally's pigtail in his inkwell and gave him detention for his roguery.

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Thanks for sharing. When I want to know the meaning of a certain word, I just google it then I either click on the links they show or just read what Google's main result is on the very 1st search result with bold letters. It is a good site though.

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1 a [count] astronomy : any one of the very large groups of stars that make up the universe

  • the formation of galaxies

  • a giant/spiral galaxy


1 b the Galaxy astronomy : the galaxy in which we live : MILKY WAY


2 [count] : a large group of important or well-known people or things

  • The event was attended by a galaxy of artists.


— galactic /gəˈlæktɪk/ adjectiveastronomy

  • galactic object

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I have a dictionary app and a calendar app on my smartphone which have word of the day features, Every day these apps send notification about a new word. Sometimes I check the notification and learn the word, if it is new for me, and sometimes I dismiss the notification without reading the word. The have never used an online dictionary, I will check the link.

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Oh, wonderful! :) Thank you so much for sharing the link. The English language is indeed a very vast one with still a whole lot of vocabulary and fundamentals to be learned. I just find the English vocabulary very interesting in all its complexities and wide list of words to learn from.

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