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Best flashcard website

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For Chinese, there are several good ones:

If you would like to study for Chinese exams (HSK), you could try the following:


If you would like to make your own flashcards and study different flashcard sets, you might wanna use SKRITTER (it's really good, not for free though)


Another one is NCIKU. It is basically a dictionary, but there is a really handy flashcard section as well. There are 100's of pre made flashcard vocabulary sets from other users that you can choose from. You can also compile your own sets.


The best flashcard programm by far, in my opinion, is PLECO Flashcards. It is not exactly a website though. It is an APP for Android and iOS (the main app is free and the flashcard module is a few dollars).

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A good resource that I've seen my best friend use is this YouTube channel!

[ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6uQfL3VqKjNCOTHlp63nQ ]

It is helpful to use this every few months to revise. Because you already know what will be on it, it's not too good for continuous learning but it still is very helpful! They have different levels of learning and each video has a different theme. Some are nouns and some are characters and others are phrases!


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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

I personally use a program called "Anki". Free to use, and it has a plethora of flashcard sets already made up. Some deal with just vocabulary, others drill you on grammar. Give it a shot, I find it quite useful.


EDIT:: Here's a link for you, sorry.


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On 9/14/2014, 10:36:55, linguaholic said:

The best flashcard programm by far, in my opinion, is PLECO Flashcards. It is not exactly a website though. It is an APP for Android and iOS (the main app is free and the flashcard module is a few dollars).

Yes! Pleco is my life! I downloaded the app 3 years ago and i'm never removing it! It gives me so many words I need to study and is has a little dictionary in it too. You can search for words meaning and I think it also translates things for you.

Skritter is pretty okay. My teacher made us use that one and it was't amazing but it wasn't terrible either. The flashcard website I use the most is Quizlet. Quizlet lets you make your own flashcards and look at the flashcards of other people. A lot of teachers use that website to make flashcards for their classes so if you know the right words to search you can really hit the jackpot. My old teacher put almost all of the flashcards she made on that website and they're still there. She had also made some Japanese ones(I had her for Chinese) and they've helped improve my Japanese as well! Another cool thing about Quizlet is you can add audio to the cards, so if you're not sure how something is pronounced click on it and they'll tell you!

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I prefer Anki, mainly because I can create flashcards myself too.
The big plus side about it is that I can choose what I learn, so I always learn vocabulary and/or grammar that is relevant to me.

Because when I start learning a language, why should I put a lot of effort in learning how to say "Happy New Year", while I won't be saying it for almost a whole year?
When I get passed the intermediate state, then I would consider learning how to say it.

This is because when you're a beginner or an intermediate in the given language, your brain will only remember what you need at that moment.
Once you become an 'expert' on that language, remembering rarely used vocabulary will become much easier.

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On 9/12/2014 at 6:06 AM, Hedonologist said:

Does anyone know of any good websites for learning Chinese vocabulary through flashcards?

I would suggest Pandanese it is a timed flashcard website.

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I found a new website www.ipandarin.com and it has developed a brand new way of memorising Chinese characters, as attached picture.  

I think this website is very helpful and you can almost find anything you need in learning Chinese in this website.

You can find the flashcards in the vocabularies page in each lesson and you can try the first 5 lessons of each level for free.


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