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Windows Phone Language Apps [List]


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Here are the Top 5 apps that I found useful for learning languages. Feel free to add some more.

1. euronews



The Euronews app offers:

• Videos with a transcript

• Current affairs, business, culture and science news in video

• Reports and magazines in VOD

• Live streaming of euronews TV

Your experience is enriched with advanced features:

• Live Tile

• Test your knowledge with our news quiz

• Express your opinion

• Visualize other users’ opinions on an interactive map

• Share articles via social networks

• Search stories easily

• Receive alerts for breaking news (available soon)

Euronews app is available in 13 editions: 

• English

• Arabic

• French

• German

• Greek

• Hungarian

• Italian

• Persian

• Portuguese

• Russian

• Spanish

• Turkish

• Ukrainian

2.Advanced English Dictionary Free



AED is a comprehensive English dictionary app. It has more than 400,000 entries with a clean and modern user interface. Some of the important features are as follow:

1. Dictionary stored in phone

2. Pronunciation (sound and notation)

3. Fast and snappy

4. Picture gallery

5. Word relation

6. Today's word

7. Recent page for revision

8. Star your word

9. Inline search

10. Based on WordNet 3.1

    - Containing more than 400,000 entries

    - Clear and precise definition

    - Sample sentences available

1. Setting page for live tile, starting page,

  search result listing

2. Irregular verbs database

3. New search result listing style

3.BABBEL (Spanish, French, Italian, English, etc.)



Get the free vocabulary trainer now. Learn at home or on-the-go. Fully interactive exercises to systematically deepen your knowledge and polish up your pronunciation. Get to grips with Spanish with babbel.com, one of the biggest language learning platforms worldwide.

★ 3000 vocabulary words with images, pronunciation and example sentences*

★ Integrated Review Manager*

★ No internet connection required

★ Basic and advanced vocabulary

★ A wide range of themes and sub-categories

★ Totally free

* You can try the first vocabulary package in every category straight away. To access all packages and the Review Manager you need only open a free Babbel account. This way your learned vocabulary will be saved and you'll be able to keep track of your progress. The account can be opened from within the app itself and is completely COST FREE.

4.Kleio Flashcards




Kleio is a flashcard system for mobile phones and PCs. Here's what it does:

**Study Anywhere**

- There is a completely free Windows desktop app. (Get it at www.kleio.info)

- There is a completely free Windows 8 app, check the Windows Store.

- Use your Windows Live or Google account to sync all your devices. Everything works offline as well.

- Make flashcards in a browser with the Kleio website, or with any Kleio app.

**Get Flashcards**

- Make your own flashcards on phone or computer, or use Kleio's built-in flashcard exchange system to share and use pre-made flashcards. (At www.kleio.info)

- You can also use the Windows app to import from CSV files or from StudyStack.

- Use the bookmarklet to make flashcards online, from any text on any website, right in your browser.

- The bookmarklet and the WP7 app have Google Translate integration.

- Tap the huge StudyStack flashcard database from right in the app.

**Sophisticated Studying Method**

- A spaced repetition system tracks the difficulty of each flashcard and adjusts it as you learn.

- Harder cards are shown more often so you can study a huge number of flashcards efficiently.

- There's also a simple cram mode, which doesn't consider card difficulty and allows cards to be studied backwards.

**Rich Flashcards**

- Flashcards support all the usual formatting options, available when making flashcards online or on the desktop.

- Flashcards have optional prompts which you are shown before the answer.

- Flashcards can be zoomed.

- Autozoom makes sure your flashcards fill all available space no matter how much text they contain.

5.Global TV





Global TV has over 500 channels worldwide including Vietnam, USA, UK, China, Korea, Thailand , Italy, Brazil, India, German, Greece, Spain  and so on plus movie channels and sports channels which are free. Connecting Wi-Fi or high speed 3G internet for the best quality. Please review and feedback if you like Global TV. With Global TV, The World in Your Hands.

- Add Facebook fan page

- Add website official

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Thank you Nikolic for sharing your favorite language learning applications! I just new the first one and Babbel. I will have a look at the others! They look really useful. Are you using all of them regularly?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the late reply!

At the moment I'm only using the euronews, Advanced English Dictionary and the Global TV apps. I stopped using flashcards and now I'm focusing on getting new vocabulary from extensive reading and listening.

I forgot to mention these apps that I also use every day:

6. Podcast2go http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/podcast2go/2a27582c-a483-45ac-b4b4-8e868aa7d182

7. Radio24 (Italian Podcasts) http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/radio24/e3e8144b-daa3-433d-9cb6-f81f8b652e05

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Thank yo for your suggestions. But do you have anything to recommend for Android phones?

Sorry, I never used an Android phone, but these 2 apps come to mind: Duolingo, Memrise.

You can also find a good podcast app, change the language, and search for podcasts in your target language. Also, try to find a dictionary that can save(favourite) words.

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Thank you for the list of apps, I will check a few of them out and make use of them.

I can vouch for the Advanced Dictionary app, it is fun to use, very user friendly and free :wink:!

The great thing about mobile apps is that you can pop it open anywhere and anytime you want!

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