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How about something simple?


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Well, that depends whether you want to pay for the app or not. I believe there are some good free apps out there, you only need to find them. I've made it a little easier and I've found you two links which could be very useful:




The first one provides you with a list of few types of flashcards - some you have to buy, some are, however, free. The second link compares 6 of the applications and shows their pros and cons. Do some research and then decide which ones could work best for you. I wouldn't recommend buying apps until you've tested them and know for sure you'll use them - otherwise, it's wasted money.

Evernote Peek sounds interesting. I'd check it out if I were you.

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Have you tried Memrise or Anki?

I use Memrise for most of my language learning and I find it very useful. A lot of people prefer to use Anki, but I haven't tried it. Memrise is completely free and Anki is free on desktop, but you have to pay for the app if you use iPhone.

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I second the post about Memrise, I really like that site! It's worth mentioning that Duolingo also has a flashcard section--however, you can't make your own. But it tracks your progress and the words you haven't practiced in a while!

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