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The best grammar software checker


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I have used paper rater most times to check for grammatical errors. I have also used their plagiarism checker to confirm that my work is not copied. I usually do not need to check for grammatical errors because I use word when I type my work. The program underlines every mistake I make. This works for grammar and spelling as well.

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I haven't heard of any online grammar checker, as you have to use your own judgment.  Most software checkers will only deal with plagiarism and spelling errors, but checking for grammar is a totally different matter.  You must have a good command of the English language to determine any errors involving noun-verb patterns, sentence construction and structure, parallelism, and others.

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There a few choices out there, but I'm sorry to inform you that those software aren't free (some might claim they are, but in reality they aren't, specially if you are expecting to be able to use all their functions).  You can try ginger spell checker, I have heard really good things about it! It proof reads everything, I also know another software that even helps you to improve your writing style (for writing), but can't remember it right now.

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The problem with most grammar checking software is that it only catches really bad mistakes.  Most of the time, things get through that really shouldn't.  The best way is to consult an English grammar book and fix it yourself or have it checked by a native or advanced English speaker. 

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