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Conversational Italian


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Greetings and words to get you by are easy to learn if you go to memorise or you find a program on youtube that will help you with pronounciation. It helps to know a few words if you want to travel to the country as it makes it a little easier for you to get around and forothers to help you.

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It is a difficult language to learn if you have no idea where to get the lessons. I Find that learning online can sometimes be a little difficult but it is really interesting to do and learning from a youtube course or a tv show is the easiest way to learn but I would suggest also going to Italy to learn!

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I'm a native italian speaker so if you need any advice about pronunciation, spelling, conversational phrases or anything else, feel free to ask me. :)

Reverserewind did a good job but I feel the need to add that "Ciao" is the informal way to greet someone. You say "ciao" to a friend or to a kid. If you need to address someone in a formal way you should say:

-"Buongiorno" (literally good morning/day) up until noon

-"Buon Pomeriggio" (good afternoon) up until 5 pm

-"Buonasera" (good evening) up until 10 pm 

Usually most of the people tend to skip the "Buon Pomeriggio", it's not very common to hear. People just go with "Buongiorno" until 4/5 pm even if it's not really correct.

"Buonanotte" (good night) is used only if you see someone after 10 pm and only as a mean to say "goodbye".

Another way to greet someone is "Salve" it is a middle ground between a formal and  an informal greeting.

I hopethis will be helpful. :)

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You're welcome, I'm glad to help when I can! :)

I was thinking about starting a new thread with the most useful italian phrases for tourists and then we could work on it and update it with new stuff every day, it could be helpful for people who want to visit Italy and for people who are learning italian. What do you think? Would you like something like that?

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I would certainly enjoy a thread like that. I just finished my first semester with italian AND I have to wait all summer before I finish my second semester for college. I need anything this summer to keep my up to date, and using Italian. Anything helps!

On a personal note... I'm also interested in slang... so I can yell out random stuff to my friends;)


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I'll make the thread this evening then! Now I'm about to go out running some errands but as soon as I'll get back home I'll start it. I think we are going to have some interesting conversations! :D

Slang can be a bit difficult because we don't really have a slang but several different dialects that vary from region to region and even from city to city in the same region. But we have many idioms and we could be working with those too! I'm looking forward to it! :)

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