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Learning through video games? Is it possible?


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Basically, I've got this idea, that I'm not sure whether It'll work or not.

Let me start off by saying that when I was a little child, I soaked up words like sponge, and I pretty much grew up bilingual, trilingual even. Learned German through cartoons, learned English with internet and video games.

I am older now, a teenager, and I'm attempting to learn another language. However, it's just not working out... the online lessons are boring, and hard to remember and way too long. And just.. not fun. Call me a kid or whatever, but if the only way to learn a language is through endlessly studying grammar and words, I don't want to do it. There must be a better way.  :sad:

And then I got this idea. I personally enjoy watching YouTube videos and playing video games, why not use it to learn the language? That can apply to anything you enjoy really... Enjoy listening to music or singing? Start singing in that language!

I want to start something, like a Youtube channel where I can both teach and learn languages. Like, for an example there could be videos in which I play a video game and speak in German, but with English subtitles. Also, i'd pause from time to time to explain sentences or words from the game... Different genres of games would allow for the watchers to pick up a wide variety of vocab, all while being actually entertained. There could also be group videos and collabs where people with different levels of the language could speak and play. I could find some native speakers... There could be game servers, groups... and things like that. And different series for each language...

I've searched for a thing like that, and I have yet to find it. So I thought about maybe starting it myself... I have no idea if that'll work, so I'm looking for some 'pro' linguists to give me their opinion. I basically googled "language forum" and that's how I came here.. So yeah!  :ninja:

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Hi Snoopsion

Thank you so much for joining linguaholic.com. I am glad you found this place. I am very happy to hear that you found this forum by typing 'language forum' into google....it is proof that my forum can actually be found with that keyword :=))

Combine 'gaming' with language learning is indeed an interesting thing. I know some projects in that field.




For more 'language games', please have a look at the presentation (PDF) that I attached with that post. You will be able to find a list with language games in there and you can try to find those games online.

I know that you are not exactly talking about this kind of 'language games'. Your idea with making youtube videos + playing games + tell other people about your gaming experience (while playing) sounds pretty nice to me. It could work. But as with every other internet project, it will be hard to drive traffic to your channel and 'get heard'. If you are really producing something like you mentioned in your post, please let me know. I will be glad to check it out and give you some feedback.

kind regards


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That's a great idea! I love Tekken and other fighting games andi was surprised to see so many videos available in youtube of their endings and cut scenen dubbed in spanish! I'm practicing my spanish to i made it a point to watch the movies in dubbed and subbed spanish. You could try making a strategy guide and tutorials and teach them in other language or tranalate video game jargons only gamers would understand.

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I guess there's a chance that learning a language via video games will work. However, it will take lots of time because we know that games take time. But for a more efficient method, a tutorial video with demonstrations is the best bet for me. Like showing food and inviting one to eat or knocking on the door and saying the greeting.

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First off, welcome to Linguaholic :)

Different people have different preferences in terms of methods through which they learn best. I bet there will be people out there who'll find this a very useful learning tool. I can definitely see this aiding your learning process, especially if you pair it with other methods of learning. I wouldn't mind trying it out myself, as long as it wasn't the only way i learnt :)

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Welcome here!

Basically, you got the idea right. The main error when learning a language is doing too much with a reason, meanwhile you truly need a purpose. Despite it required learning for me as well, I remember that, because I had hobby in one domain where there was great lots of information written in English compared to my French native language, I was naturally motivated to try to read English resources. And what you are doing is basically that: you are giving a reason for people to learn for a purpose, and not to learn for nothing. They will pay attention of the language because of the video, and because the video will eventually feel fun and interesting. So you got the idea right.

About the execution, it is less clear. It feels like you already know English & German, that's it? What other language would you like to know then, why, and how this project might help yourself to learn that language?

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Well, it could possibly help you acquire a new language. However, since your only resource for studying another language is video games, the whole language learning/studying experience is going to be sort of limited. There would be no other materials to indulge yourself into, thus, you won't be totally fluent in the target language. I would say, this method wouldn't be enough.

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As someone who really, really likes games I think the idea of playing and learning is a great one. After all, that's how children learn their native language. When it comes to video games, of course, the experience will be limited.

What works for me is to play a computer game in a target language rather than just sticking with English, Russian or Polish versions that I normally choose. Sims have always been a source of inspiration for me. They have plenty of everyday vocabulary and with a couple of tweaks you can change the language of the game quite easily (or at least that was the case in Sims 2 and Sims 3 - I've yet to try with Sims 4). You kill one hare with two shots: enjoy your favourite game and actually learn new vocabulary along the way, without making too much of an effort.

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