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11 weeks of holiday or 11 weeks of holidays

Mark Skype Teacher

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Hi all,

Was speaking on skype to a student and I said this term 'I had 11 weeks of holiday per year when I worked in France'.

I'm wondering if it would be correct to say 'holiday' or 'holidays' in a structure like this. As a native speaker and grammarian, I'd always say 'holiday' here. Just sounds better and correct. Would anyone have an explanation on this? Of course, I'd use 'holiday' in a structure like this 'I'm on holiday nextweek' and 'holidays' in this: 'I had 3 holidays last year'.

Any input much appreciated. Have a great day!

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I think the way you put it is the correct way. Though I'm sure you could use it both ways and noone would really notice or care. As far as what tne technically correct way to say it is, I have no idea. But if I were going on a long holiday I would say it the same way.

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Thanks for the responses to all. Yes in real life no one cares but an examiner for an English exam probably will care. Whilst they may be both correct, as a native, I still think '11 weeks of holiday' sounds better.


Have a good day!

I agree with you. I think if you replaced holiday or holidays with "vacation", you would say "11 weeks of vacation," and not "11 weeks of vacations".

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11 weeks of holiday. Sounds like a lot of holidays. :P

"11 weeks of holidays" is wrong, you can't use a 'double S' in English. Same as "lambs are delicious food", not "lambs are delicious foods".

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