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What's special about your language ?


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57 minutes ago, Mameha said:

@takibari I really, really love the fact that your language is mixed with english in this way actually, i don't know if other languages do this, but i've never heard about a language that mix english with it like Tagalog! 

A lot more languages than you might think actually.
Japanese has thousands of English loan words, Korean is adding many new English words to their own vocabulary every single day, even in Dutch we have adopted a lot of English words into our language.

In Dutch an example would be "deze school is echt fucking cool" (this school is really fucking cool).
In Japanese you can even have entire sentences in 'Engrish' by 'kana-ifying' English words, like "アイ ライク ディズ フォーラム ベリー マッチ" (Ai raiku dizu fooramu berii macchi) (I like this forum very much).
I can't think of anything in Korean, I don't speak that one.

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@Blaveloper Yeah i know Japanese ppl use a lot of english words but they transform the lecter in something similar to the Japanese pronunciation like as you said Forum--->Fooramu. I was wondering about languages wich mix english (autentic) words with them in a phrase, like the example of Dutch that you made :tongue: I noticed Tagalog doing this because i watch a lot of video so i read comments :) It's just something new to me because in Italy we don't use to mix our language with english that much. The only words that we use are the ones that are not translatable or that maybe sounds better in english: to ask "are you online?" we prefer to say "Sei online?" instead of "Sei in linea?" that is the literal translation but it doesn't sound as good as english to us :) (some uses anyway the literal translation but i prefer to say it in english :D). There are even some english verbs that we transform in Italian using the english base and the Italian suffix for the verbs (are, ere, ire): "Trollare"--> "to troll" ; "Deletare" ---> "to delete"; etc..

About Koreans i know that they are not good in english as Philipino or Chinese, so maybe they do something like Japanese people :)

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