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Using vocabulary cards all around the house


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I wonder if anyone here had some experience with learning everyday words by sticking post-its around the house? Putting the names of different house objects on the cards and then sticking them directly to the object in question? I've heard about it many times but I've never tried it. I'm a bit worried about the amount of time it'll take to write all those things down and then eventually to try and unglue them from the furniture :) But I am having a problem with household items in Italian and my partner cannot remember English names for the same, so we are getting desperate enough to be willing to "decorate" our apartment in that way.

Has anyone done this? Did it work? Does it get annoying after some time?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!


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I have not tried this yet, but it is definitely a good idea. This way, everywhere you go, you see a word or a sentence in the language that you are trying to learn. It should work to make learning that language easier for sure, as those words that you see every day are bound to stick with you after a while.

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I have tried to learn this way, but the cards would fall down because the tape would stop sticking and then I would be left wondering what was what. I think it works for some people, but it does not work for me. 

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I've started my project, sellotape seems to be the doing the trick for now. I hope they won't fall off before we learn them all! That's a good motivation to speed up the process I guess :)

I'll probably add some words and sentences not related to household items and put them in the places where I spend a lot of time. Like kitchen.


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I was told that my sister-in-law's husband learnt dutch this way. Her parents wrote the names of a each thing in their house on post-it notes.  They said that helped him greatly.  His dutch is good now (not sure he has mastered though - his accent is still quite strong).  He is been there more than 10 years though, so I'm not sure if we  can say the post-it method was so helpful, but I an imagine this method is perfect for beginners with a realistic expectation: learning a small amount of vocabulary in a short time. 


Another variation someone told me about was placing words and their meaning on the ceiling :P  A guy told me a friend of his learnt English that way. Go figure. 

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