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Do you remember the exact moment you learnt a new word?


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I wonder if anyone here has an English word (or maybe even many words!) that you not can only remember as such, but also you remember the time/day/moment/ when you acquired it?

If you do, please share your words with me! It's so interesting that some words really do stay with you, and do it so well that you can even memorise how they did it :)

I'll share some of mine.

"drawback" - I remember I saw this word first when I was in my 7th school year, in the school English textbook. I was so amazed that I hadn't found such a useful word before. Stayed with me ever since.

"point of view" - this one came from Unit 1 in Blueprint Upper Intermediate Student's Book when I was in my 10th year :)

"brocade" - came across this one 4 years ago while reading some Agatha Christie. It seemed so rich and decadent, both in meaning and sound, that somehow I remembered it immediately.

"to lurk" - first saw it in "Good Omens" (a very funny book, by the way). Imagined someone "lurking" very vividly. Added it to my vocabulary.

Do you have words like that too?

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Everytime I encounter a new word it's always via reading or watching new material. But I still remember when I was still studying, my teacher always used the word "highfalutin", so I just had to look that word up.

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When I use that word repeatedly, I sure do remember the source from where I learnt that word.

Not the exact time though like you mentioned but surely do remember the source of the word.

The more you use it, the more you remember how you learn it. The best way to remember it is to associate it with a memory when you learn it.

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I read a lot so I hardly ever remember the exact moment I learned a new word. Occasionally though I'll find an unusual word and probably remember the exact moment I learned it. There is the word "Demagoguery' for example. I was reading an article about Donald Trump and the word was used to describe how sleazy a politician he is. It's the association with Trump that makes me remember the exact moment I learned that word.

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