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Native Dutch speakers cannot understand this. I've met a couple here and there and when I said what my favourite Dutch-speaking band was, they would just burst out laughing :)

But hey, it's a great way to quickly learn all basic Dutch words. Seriously. The songs are super simple, and extremely easy to remember. Probably because this band's target audience is small girls :)

I proudly present... K3!

My favourite Dutch-speaking music source :)

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Keep in mind that K3 is a Belgian band, not Dutch.
Therefore, accents and certain vocabulary will differ.

But I know what you mean, since K3 is mostly popular among the little girls (< 12 year olds) here (and there).

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Yes, I know they are Belgian but that's probably what makes it easier for me.. They had one of the girls replaced some time ago, with another one from the Netherlands. When I watched some interviews,I could more or less understand the Belgian ladies, but the Dutch one, although with a pretty Dutch accent, was always very hard  to understand :)


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Awww, thanks for sharing, Anna :)  I love Belgian accent even more than Dutch one, the Dutch one sound so rough, but the Belgian is so nice :P  Wish I was moving to Belgium instead of the Netherlands, I think it would be easier for me to understand  people better over there, as well as pronouncing words better.  I've some trouble with some words that carry the ''ng'' combo, lol.   A friend of mine is Belgian, by the way, I might surprise him the next time we talk :P  I bet he doesn't expect me to talk Dutch to him! 

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Don't let it fool you too much though.
Although Belgians and Dutch people can communicate with each other really well, there may be some misunderstandings between the 2.
I experienced it at one point when talking to a Belgian, the sentence was pretty basic but I can't really remember what it was.

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