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Do you celebrate or have ever celebrated one of the language-related festive days?

I found quite a lot of them browsing UN's site and some other resources on the web.

If you know of some other days, please let me know!

Here's the list:

February, 14 - International Book Giving Day
February, 21 - International Mother Language Day

March, 4 - National Grammar Day in the USA
March, 20 - International Francophonie Day
March, 21 - World Poetry Day

April, 20 - Chinese Language Day
April, 23 - World Book and Copyright Day + World English Language Day

June, 6 - Russian Language Day

2nd Saturday in September - German Language Day
September, 26 - European Day of Languages
September, 30 - International Translation Day

October, 9 - Hangul Day in South Korea
October, 12 - Spanish Language Day

December, 18 - World Arabic Language Day

Personally, I've only ever had some "celebration" of a kind for Francophonie Day because French authorities always prepare some interesting contests and events for this day. I also celebrate my very own "holiday" in February - a particular day when, some long time ago when I was a schoolgirl, I decided to seriously study languages and use them in my future work.

What about you? Do you have some special days of your own? Do you ever celebrate the ones I've mentioned above?

Also, do you have any ideas how one could spend such a day best? I'd like to commemorate some of these days next year and I'm looking for ideas :)

Thank you all in advance. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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I didn't even know there were language holidays! I mean I knew that every day is literally a holiday according to Google, but I didn't think that there would be holidays based on languages. Makes me wonder if people do actually celebrate these. World Poetry Day sounds fun though! I'd dig that.

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I didn't know of any of these neither.
Although I would really like to visit a polyglot event, but they're all far away from me (Berlin, New York, etc).

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