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Looking for a Legend to Translate

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I am very interested in translating other cultures specific books especially their traditional legends or any kind of stories. Now, my aim in this, is a mutually beneficial one since everybody wants to introduce their culture to the whole world. I offer any person to find me an english version of one of their interesting traditional story so that I can translate it into my NL (turkish and kurdish). and what is more, can anybody tell us what is the copyright for such a translation? shall we contact to the writer of the book? or can any cultural ministry do so? for example let's say I am going to translate a book on an anonymous legend. shall I contact to the writer? or is there any other detail?

shortly, how can I find a traditional legend to translate and how is the copyright issue done?

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I'll help you look.  What types of legends are you looking for?  Stuff like Chupacabra (monsters and other things) or along the lines of the Woman in White (ghost stories) or tall tales, like Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill (giant with a blue ox and cowboy who rode a tornado)?

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I have three suggested American legends for you to choose from:

Negro Creation Legend
by Chamberlain, A. F.
Published October 1, 1890
"Negro Creation Legend" is an article from The Journal of American Folklore, Volume 3.

Christmas Stories And Legends
By Various Authors
Compiled By Phebe A. Curtiss
Copyright 1916

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I found a website which host a collection of some of our Slovenian myths and legends, I think it could be a great source! The stories are written both in English and Slovenian. The most well known are the one about the Goldenhorn, Martin Krpan and Kralj Matjaž. It's a also an interesting read for everybody else in this forum!

http://www.thezaurus.com/webzine/category/Myths%20and%20Legends I hope you find it interesting, I certainly do! :) 

I don't think you should have any problems with copyright. After all, these myths and legends were passed onto the people by word of mouth. I think including at the bottom of the text the name of the English translator should suffice.

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