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bestimmt vs sicher


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26 minutes ago, cheers100 said:


I am a newbie to the forum and German.

Could you please tell me what the differences between bestimmt and sicher. Are they interchangeable in the following sentences?

Das ist  sicher nicht falsh.
Das macht ihnen bestimmt freude.


Many thanks!

Hi Cheers100

Welcome to linguaholic.com!

There are some mistakes in your sentences. The first sentence should be: Das ist sicher nicht falsch. The second sentence should be 'Das macht ihnen bestimmt Freude.

'bestimmt't and 'sicher' could be used in both sentences, however it probably sounds a little bit more natural to say 'Das macht ihnen bestimmt Freude' than 'Das macht ihnen sicher Freude'. Both both are possible in both sentences. Hope that answers your question.



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8 minutes ago, cheers100 said:

Hello  Linguaholic,

Thank you very much for your welcome and answer to my question, as well as your corrections.:)

Have a great day! 



You are welcome. Have a great day, too.

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  • 8 months later...

I heave to add something: As I see it, "sicher" means more that you are almost completely sure that something will happen. "Bestimmt" is more if you suspect something, but you are optimistic about it being true. Do you understand what I mean? But they are nearly the same in this context.

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