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App to Learn German, Spanish, Thai


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Hi guys,

my girlfriend and I developed a language app to learn German, Spanish and Thai. It includes around 1000 phrases and words, a quiz and intelligent flashcards:

Learn Thai: http://simplylearnlanguages.com/

Learn German: http://simplylearnlanguages.com/german/

Learn Spanish: http://simplylearnlanguages.com/spanish/

There is an Android version and we are currently developing the iOS version.

I attached some sample screenshots. What do you guys think of it? Would be happy to hear some feedback :)





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Thanks for posting this. I will soon have a look at it. I just had a glimpse at those three links you provided and I immediately noticed one thing: The title always says : Expore the world. Learn a language. You did a small mistake there. It should say EXPLORE the world. Learn a language. :=) No offense, but I had to tell u. Hope that is ok.



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Hi Simon! Thanks for posting this! I love the interface on your app. So simply and sleek. I love the colors and that it is no-frills and just gets down to it. I might just have to start learning Thai now! I am starting to learn German with my boyfriend too. It's so cool when couples learn languages together! Thanks so much for sharing! 

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Wow your app looks great, I love the material style design so much :O. Also good job for developing an app, that's a very useful skill you could use in the future. It also looks like it's pretty simple, just to test your proficiency in the language and it could become a lot more than that. I hope you add more languages because I would love it for Japanese :3. 

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4 minutes ago, Simon said:

Hey iroxas, thanks a lot for your feedback! In fact, Japanese is now available as we expanded in 14 languages already.


Let me know what you think of it!

Oh wow that's great, I'll check it out later since I'm actually watching a show right now xD. Best of luck with the apps though :).

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