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NL: Ukrainian, Russian and very fluent English; TL:German


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Hey, people! I'm looking for someone who is fluent in German just to talk and write with. I'm tired of hearing 'Deutsche Sprache - schwierige Sprache', because I've already figured that out and really need some help with my endless struggle. 

What can I offer instead? Well, being a native speaker of both Russian and Ukrainian, of course those two. However, back in the days I was working as a tutor of English, so I'd like to share my English skills with you as well. 

I'm fun to talk and chat with, so just let me know if you're interested. 


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Hey owlforce

I'm a native speaker in German and would enjoy to help you with German. I love funny, non-traditional methods of teaching languages - that could be something for you and your relation with German ;) Greetings, Jonas

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This forum section is for people who want to find people who can speak their target language, not for people who can't.

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