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  1. My father can talk english, russian, italian, greek, german. He was my motivation to learn more languages and cultures.
  2. The desire to communicate with a partner and honour their culture can accelerate language learning. Of course, this doesn’t apply to romantic relationships exclusively. Cross-cultural friendships can fuel one’s integrative motivation.
  3. Personally i used Rosetta Stone for 3 weeks to learn Russian. I was satisfied but i searched for other platforms to learn english and italian. Memrise is a good platform also.
  4. I think German is a very difficult language. I am using on line platforms talking with others, but still i can't. I want to learn the basics because i travel a lot the last 3 years.
  5. Hello, you can also talk with members of https://ijtalk.com/ about bilingualism from Spanish-speaking countries.
  6. Personally i am using https://ijtalk.com about spanish, russian and english. You can practice any language with real people for free
  7. Congratulations about your knowledge and your passion to keep learning. You have to keep going no matter what, do that you love !
  8. The position of adverbs in sentences. In English we never put an adverb between the verb and the object.
  9. In Russia, there are a list of words that are called мат (mat), which is short for ма́терный язы́к [ˈmatʲɪrnɨj jɪˈzɨk]. Some of the words below are on the list. These words can actually get you in trouble in Russia, because they can be considered disorderly conduct (mild hooliganism). These words are censored in the media. Last months using https://ijtalk.com i have reached the basic level al least.
  10. Hello welcome i am new to here. I think it s a great forum, you can learn lot s of things here.
  11. Here in Greece we have it also. I think it s more easy that Cambridge or Michigan tests.
  12. ijTalk.com is a website designed to help people practice any language with real people for free! Do a language exchange with native speakers for free. Or, pay to practice with native speakers, for as low as $1/hour. Those are 3 huge points in our opinion. We offer as many opportunities and possibilities as possible to all those who get involved with our community. ijTalk is all about that bond between people who’ve come together from different cultures, different parts of the world and different backgrounds - all with the objective of trying to understand each other, learn from each other and make friends in the process. Begin learn english, italian, russian, etc https://ijtalk.com
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