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Memorizing new words

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Hi guys, I am officially studying dutch again :)   My grammar is ok, now I need to learn more words!  I need to do that so I start using the language more and start understanding more of what I read and what people say.  I'm not sure what to do about this though, can anyone give me some advice on this one?  I was using Memrise, but it gets kind of boring after a while and I got stuck building my own list. Any kind of advice, tips or sites that might be helpful will be greatly appreciated :) 

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More Memrise courses perhaps?
And I fixed a little typo in one of your tags ("dutcdh" instead of "dutch") for you.

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I second memrize: it's a great way to learn new words. You could try watching Dutch shows with English subtitles, which would also help with understanding sentence structures (if the translation is accurate, of course). I also had one friend who used sticky notes to write meanings of various objects in her room to help remember words of items you may use every day.

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I've tried that :(  But my Dutch is not that good, not yet at least :(  I can understand most of the  things being said on the TV,  or to me, but i can't keep a basic conversation just yet (lazy on my part - I know), that is why I want to learn more new dutch words.  I did that with English... the rest came naturally.   I just learnt to use a lot new words and somehow I figured the rest, I was so very young back then though... 

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On 3/30/2016 at 2:03 AM, Blaveloper said:

More Memrise courses perhaps?
And I fixed a little typo in one of your tags ("dutcdh" instead of "dutch") for you.

Thanks, typos keep happening ;)  Ah, I guess I will just keep on working on my own Memrise course, how I wish I could have kept that motivation up...  I'll take a look at it later, I still needed to add a couple more words.  I might ask my fiance to help me with the audio later. 

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