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Just landed in Paris


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I just landed in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning at 6.00 am local time. Everything was smooth except for my luggage getting lost somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Paris and I was promised by Air France that they would deliver my suitcase directly to my house in Bordeaux within 3 days! I never expected the Parisian airport staff to be so nice! (Enough with the stereotypes about rude Parisians).

Anyway as I am writing this, I'm sitting in the waiting hall at Gare Montparnasse eating half a baguette and watching the world go by......

Et oui, il y a pas mal de touristes américains qui se promènent autour de moi.

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That's great. France is definitely on my travel list. Now that I'm studying French I think I understand what you said there (except for the word promenent). But either I'm translating wrong or something is wrong as wowtgp said.

Anyhow have fun.

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Oh, LOL my French still sucks. Is he saying this?

"and yes, there are bad American tourists walking (I'm guessing) around me"

Sorry, I was using very colloquial French (some would say it is slang). "Pas mal" means "not bad" but "pas mal de" is a casual way to say "quite a few" or "quite a bit" depending on whether the word that follows can be counted or not.

"Il y a pas mal de touristes americains" means "there are quite a few American tourists". and "qui se promènent autour de moi" means "who are walking around me".

"Se promènent" is the present tense plural third person form of "se promener" meaning to go for a walk. It is the same as "spazierengehen" in German or 散步 in Chinese and Japanese.

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I want to go to Paris!  Most of my family has been there.  I'm the last one in my immediate family to not have visited Europe.  I actually had a friend who had to stay in the Paris airport for half a week because he didn't bring enough cash and his credit/debit cards were not working for some reason.  LOL.

Bon chance!

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Merci beaucoup!

Yes, I think you sort of can camp out in Paris CDG airport because it is huge and there are relatively clean toilets and showers available. I feel for your friend and yes, these things do happen!

That said, Paris is getting colder and rainier now so I'm getting my warm clothing and putting them on standby just in case.

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Happy that you got to come to Paris! The French get a bad reputation for being rude and unhelpful, but they are actually one of the most sincerely hospitable and generous cultures out there. They just don't have any interest in helping rude and ungrateful people! So, kudos to you, you were "worthy" of their services. :) What it really means what that you are polite, and they respect you for that! The French definitely are reactionary when it comes to "treat others as you would like to be treated!"

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