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  1. It slips out from time to time. Whenever I speak Spanish sometimes a friend of mine laughs at the way I say certain things. My french is even worse but I'm working on it.
  2. I think learning through music is a good idea. It's both fun and informative. You really get a grasp of how natives speak and what sentences sound appropriate with what words. The key though is to have a lyric translation so that you know what's going on afterwards.
  3. I want to learn Japanese next. It seems like a really interesting and fun language. I love the culture and the food. I think when you learn a language you really adopt a lot of appreciation for the culture.
  4. Learning new languages is both fun and useful.I honestly can't think of any down sides to learning lots of languages. I'm hoping to learn Japanese next actually. I feel like with learning new languages you also get a new found appreciation for the culture too and that's always good.
  5. Oh, LOL my French still sucks. Is he saying this? "and yes, there are bad American tourists walking (I'm guessing) around me"
  6. That's great. France is definitely on my travel list. Now that I'm studying French I think I understand what you said there (except for the word promenent). But either I'm translating wrong or something is wrong as wowtgp said. Anyhow have fun.
  7. I think Disney movies are really good movies to watch as a new speaker. The dialogue is simple, the story is usually very good and the animation is fun for all ages. I've actually been watching a few French animated films to assist me. I'd suggest Will Smith films as well. Very simple storylines, clean acting and very natural dialogues.
  8. YES!! I love Hemingway and The Old Man and the Sea is one of my favorite novels. Hemingway novels all have a fantastic flow to them and are rather easy reads although also have such deep inner meanings. I;m glad you mentioned this, I knew I wasn't the only one who liked The Old Man and the Sea.
  9. Hmmm, for me I don't hear this misused too much. Sure I hear it exaggerated but there's usually some truth in what they're saying. For example: "You were so sick yesterday. You were LITERALLY throwing up all over the apartment." Of course this person wasn't vomiting everywhere but he/she was throwing up a lot in different places. I believe you though. For some reason people exaggerate excessively. You never know how intense a situation was, it's annoying.
  10. This is a fantastic list. I think it can be used with any language really. I can pick through all of these and improve my French with it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Agreed. You took the words right out of my mouth. I don't think anyone means to say, "I could care less" nobody's that sarcastic. The phrase "I couldn't care less" is already obnoxious enough haha. There are so many others but I can't think of any. I think using the word "irregardless" is one but that's a whole other problem...
  12. I love figurative language. It can be annoying at times but it really represents a culture quite well. I think rap epitomizes many of these ideas and is some what of a nightmare for foreigners. Phrases like: "That song is hot." Means the song sounds cool and it has nothing to do with temperature. "Chill out." Means to calm down or relax and also has nothing to do with temperature.
  13. Why not!? I think French is a beautiful sounding language and the culture is very unique and rich. I'm learning French for the same reason I learned Spanish, they sound interesting. I don;t have any real profound reason.
  14. That's exciting. I'm especially hyped because now I'll actually be able to understand what the people say (although it'll be minimal). I hope we watch more films down the road.
  15. i remember watching a French movie in film class and it was really good (can't remember the name). I love the way French sounds and as a new learner I think watching movies is a huge tool for learning. I'm actually going to watch the film Untouchables in my French class next week. Has anyone seen it?
  16. I'd love to learn Chinese or Japanese. The college I'm attending has actually started a Chinese course last year. I'm honestly thinking about picking it up. I've always loved the culture, and I think the language is very interesting.
  17. That's an interesting way to look at it. The money investment really does motivate people. I, too, think free materials are nice though. A lot of the time they are just as good but lack the polisha nd sophistication of expensive programs.
  18. That's really cool. If I was in that elevator I would be confused too. I can only imagine how unique the words get from there haha.
  19. This is very fun. There are tons of languages I've heard of let alone ever heard spoken. I scored a 300, and I'm pretty hooked now...
  20. I learned Spanish and am currently learning French with students. I feel like a one on one experience or video software would be more intimate and convenient. The perks of learning with students is that you all can learn and grow together. Learning a language isn't so hard when others are visibly having a hard time too. It's good motivation.
  21. I find speaking to be the most difficult. It's relatively easy to wing it when you're writing because either you know what you're doing or you don't and reading can be eased when you recognize cognates. Speaking though is unforgiving especially in non-phonetic languages. There are unique sounds, silent letters and stresses in certain tongues. It can be tough.
  22. That's so impressive, I'm pretty jealous. It's profound how close to understanding someone's culture and way of life you get to when you learn their language. I wish him the best. If I could learn just a quarter of the language he knows I'd be happy with myself.
  23. YES. I think my Spanish knowledge is hindering my French studies. The way you pronounce words in Spanish compared to French differ so much in my opinion. I am a completely new French learner but this has been my original thoughts. For example if I look at the question: Comment vous appelez vous? (What is your name?) I always want to sound out every letter, like you would in Spanish but that is very wrong. There a lot of tricky words and sounds very unique to French. It reminds me of the complexities of English at times. I've been studying hard lately and I'm slowly training myself but I'm g
  24. English is very confusing especially when you are looking at the "British" way versus the "American" way. It is at many times a pretty contradictory language and easy to make errors. I say don't sweat it too much, there's lots of refinement done towards the end of your initial studies. There are countless English speakers (Americans at least) that can't speak or write 100% correctly I also thought this was cool: “Ough” can be pronounced in eight different ways. The following sentence contains them all: “A rough-coated, dough-faced ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough, coughin
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