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Hi folks!

I started my own podcast  in my target language English in order to become more fluent. It's not that easy as I'm still intermediate / upper-intermediate. But I could learn very much in the last 7 weeks. In my opinion such a project is perfect to boost your langauge skills (and other skills) to the next level!

Here is the site with the podcast Feed address:

My fluent podcast

I also started with my website my fluent podcast  But the website is very basic as I am not that into website creating. It's not that simple.

Maybe you are also a very motivated language learner who is intrested in podcasting. Maybe we could team up. I speak French, Spanish, Swiss.German and German.

Some of my episodes:

E01-Learning through TV Series and Movies - Netflix

E02-Shall I learn through TV Series or Movies?

E03- go forward by making mistakes

E04- go forward by making mistakes 2

MFP - 5 fresh, dirty tips to boost your speaking skills


If you have any ideas, suggestions, critics, I would be glad to hear from you.

The whole project is meant to be a community project where we could help each out with our language studies.

Daniel Goodson


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