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Theme 1: Introduce oneself // Tema 1 : Presentarse


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¿ qué tal ?

I propose something. Can we share some vocabularies about the theme : "Introduce oneself" like for instance :

"My name is etc."

"I am a student", "I am aworker", "My family is", I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters" etc.


I will keep this topic update: it means that as soon as I have new vocabularies I will edit this message. So that people who want to learn Spanish on this forum could learn this theme by watching directly to the first message of this topic. What do you think ? Is it a good idea ? ¿ Una buena idea es ?


Muchas gracias !




Me llamo ... : My name is/I call myself

Soy De ... : I am from/I come from


People who contributes to the writing of this sheet :

Mereloshn !

A big thank you to you :D

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You can say "Me llamo Mereloshn.  Soy de America".  Me llamo literally means "I call myself" and that's the Spanish way of saying "My name is". 


"Soy de" means "I am from" if someone asks where you are from in Spanish. 

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Nice project...!  Here's my contribution:

1. Soy...  [profession]     We must always use "soy" when you tell someone what your profession / occupation is.

I am... [profession]

2. Vivo en...  [city/country where you live]      First person / present of the verb "vivir" = "to live"

I live in... [city]

3. Trabajo en  [place where you work]     First person / present of the verb "trabajar" = "to work"

I work in [city or place where you work]

4. Tengo XX años.    To state your age, you must use the verb "tener" = "to have". In other words, in Spanish a person "has" a certain amount of years.

Tengo 25 años = I am 25 years old.

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