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Please help me understand New Language Learners Habits!


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I am conducting a study on new language learners Habits. (Please do not do the survey if you have not learned, not learning or have not tried learning a new language recently)I would be very thankful if you could complete this very short survey (If you guys are interested, I will post there results here), it takes on average 2 minutes but would mean the world to me. I would really appreciate it if you do it and if you share it with other language learners.



Thanks in advance!!!

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Only 1 question:

10 minutes ago, Kamakimo said:

Please do not do the survey if you have not learned, learning or tried learning a new language recently

Reading this, I get an assumption that basically nobody can do the survey.
Because every new language learner either didn't learn, is learning, or tried to learn.
And those who already learnt aren't what I consider "new".

So could you explain your target audience more clearly?

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