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三国演义 "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"


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I'd like to introduce this Chinese novel  which was written in the 14th century and attributed to Luo Guanzhong. This is the 'must read' novel in China from what I was told by my student. Every single Chinese that you talk to would know about this novel because it's part of the Chinese widely historical events,people behind it and the relative Han and Jin dynasties. It's one of the few greatest classical novels of Chinese literature and has total of over 800,000 words . When I first started reading the novel,I wasn't that into it because the first book was a bit boring for me not to mention the many characters that involve in the history that made it confusing to follow. What made me end up keep reading and so into it would be the battle strategies and knowing this all actually happened in the past instead of a fiction story made it a lot more interesting to read. It has been made into so many different kinds of movies in China and even a very famous video game. This novel gave me something to talk about with my student from China when I first started teaching. It's not an easy read due to hundreds of characters in the story to follow for me but it's worth the time.

The famous opening line of the novel : 話說天下大勢,分久必合,合久必分

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"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is one of my dad's favorite novels and movies. There are a few versions of the movie, which he likes the original one because it is more realistic. The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" teaches people a lot of things in various topics such as politics, history, critical thinking, and more. I don't normally watch this kind of movie or read this kind of book because I won't be able to understand if it's in Chinese because my Chinese is broken. I do think it's such a learning material for those who would like to learn about the history and politic about the three kingdoms.

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