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Is it possible to replace your native language with a different language?


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I want to replace my mother tongue (Polish) with English. I live in England, all of my friends are English, I watch British TV, listen to English music, achieved grade 7 at English GCSE, I avoid Polish people (except for my family) and everything related to Poland, but I still think in Polish...can I change it? I hate Polish, Poland and the Polish culture and I really want to make English my primary language. (or Swedish or German or French or Chinese or any other language I know) Do you know any ways to "forget" your native language?

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Don't you think that's a bit drastic? I mean, it's part of your heritage, and you may feel differently about it in the future. Regarding thinking, I think in the language I'm using, and I don't believe someone can get very advanced in a language unless they do that. So just use English all the time and that will probably reduce the Polish thinking greatly.

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Looking at the meaning of "mother tongue", which is the language that a person has grown up speaking from early childhood.' - you can't really erase the fact that Polish is your native language and it has become a part of your early life. But of course, you can improve your fluency in English and in several other languages of your choice, which will somehow 'bury' or 'overpower' your knowledge of the Polish language. Replacing your mother tongue might not be possible (as it's part of your life/history); but you can actually be very proficient and more fluent in other languages. Like having 'basic' level in Polish (and 'very high fluency' level in English, etc. 

As with the culture, if you really want to forget your Polish roots then it's very useful that you are already immersing yourself in the British culture. Reading more about their history, being updated with the current events and socializing with British people will absolutely help you absorb and adapt to the British ways. :)

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