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Hallo! Hej! こんいちは!Bonjour!


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Hi everyone! I'm native Finnish speaker, currently studying German, Swedish, Japanese and French. I'm 24 years old and live in Finland. I became interested in different languages, because of my job. I'm studying to become classical vocal teacher and I'm going to graduate next month. As a classical singer I've been performing songs in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and English.

Right now I wish to focuse my language studies to German, because it's the most important language for my career. :)

Nice to meet you!

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My daughter is learning German at lukio, as well as Russian.  She has several years of Swedish under her belt (as all Finnish school kids do).  I suggested that if she wanted to perfect her German, she should consider going to university in Germany - there you can study for free (you need to pay your own living expenses, but the education is free) and they throw in German language lesson as well.  A lot of Americans study in Germany, as they would not be able to afford to go to university in the US.  They see learning the German language as a bonus.

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