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Greetings in Thai


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Hi! I do not speak Thai, but I have found some pages that might help you out:

1. http://www.thaismile.jp/ThaiLanguage/e_ThaiLanguage_Greetings.html

2. http://www.linguanaut.com/english_thai.htm

I do not really know if they are helpful because I have not used them myself.

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You can find many useful phrases here:

Bear in mind that Thai is a tonal language. That means that depending on the tone used, the meaning of a word might change. This is why I linked you videos instead of a written site :)

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Thanks! Those videos really help. She says its easy but its harder than she makes it look. It's gonna take me awhile to get the pronunciation right. I think I should also spend time listening to thai, I find it hard to understand the accent. kaahap-khun!  :grin:

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The basic greeting is sawatdee krap/ka. If you are male you say krap, if you are female you say ka. Krap and ka is for politeness.

If you want to ask how are you you can say sabai dee mai? The answer should usually be Sabai Dee. If they say Mai sabai then it means something is wrong.

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