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I'm not sure if this is correct place to post but I'm looking for some kind of translation app that translates from Japanese to English.

I received both my karate belt diploma and gi and not sure if this is in hiragana or katakana.

Thank You


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Hi Melloch

You can use Google Translate wfor that. You can either use this on your desktop or download the app. If you are downloading the app, you will also be able to make a picture of the diploma and the app will instantly try to translate it to English through OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Another method would be to post those documents here. And then hopefully someone here from the Community who does indeed speak Japanese will help you to translate it to English.



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If it's curvy, it's hiragana.
If it's blocky, it's katakana.
If it reminds you to Chinese, it's kanji (or hanzi, or hanja, or whatever the Vietnamese called their version before they romanised their writing system).

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