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Hi all

Several posts and threads have been made here in "the English corner". The aim of this place is that non-native speakers of English can improve their English skills and that native english-speakers help them to correct their posts! Unfortunately this did not seem to be clear enough, as now we got a lot of posts in here about different topics but no one is actually correcting mistakes. Most of the posts here at the moment are simple "off-topic" posts. I might move them all to the off topic section and we can make a new start in here.

Please ONLY post in this section if you are either helping to correct someones use of English OR if you would like to get corrections on your post (you can basically post about anything you want).

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Hello Administrators,

English language is my second language, and I think this is a great idea that you came up with to help us, non-native speakers, get the hold of the language in a better way, being corrected by people whom English language is their native language. I am looking forward to learning more about colloquial language, and slang from native speakers.

I hope people will take notice of my comments and correct me on my grammar, choice of words,etc., so that I can improve.

Thank you again for the opportunity. It is nice to know someone has us, non-native speakers of English, in mind sometimes.


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