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  1. Cute idea. Here's the Filipino translation for that line: I cannot = Hindi ko // imagine = maisip (OR mawari) / my life = ang buhay ko / without (you) = na wala ka. In Cebuano; I cannot = Dili nako // imagine = mahanduraw (OR mapamalandong) / my life = ang akong kinabuhi/ without (you) = nga wala ka. You will have to change the pronoun from 'him' to 'you' though as it creates a bigger impact. To use him (siya) is like you telling the statement to another person, not to your boyfriend. Wow, I am sure he would never have guessed that I would also use those two languages - he would be thrilled, I can just see his face now in my mind. Thank you for your contribution. You are such a dear. @jamesbonner, of course you helped me, and not a bit, but a lot! I had some challenge with Arabic to copy paste it in my notebook, but I managed. Thank you so much
  2. Omg, thank you thank you to the Moon and back. I would be honest, I had so much trouble to write the Japanese translation in my notebook. So hard. But I managed somehow. :)) Thank you, this seems so cool, but I just wonder how i should pronounce that. Thank you. Yes, he is a dear, and I wanted to surprise him, especially since he loves languages, too.
  3. Thank you so much for your contribution. Which language is that? Yes I am planning to write each card with different language and just put all those in a envelop that I also plan to make on my own. I hope he will like it. He is Bulgarian and I am Serbian, but we talk in English. I want to learn his language, and he says he will try to learn mine at some point. Thank you for your kind wishes.
  4. Oh, thank you for your kind explanation, I should have checked them first before I commented here, I guess.
  5. Hi to all, I was wondering if there is some good application online that can help me with learning Bulgarian language. I would really love to have some application in my phone so that I can learn it throughout the day. I have Duolingo at the moment, but there is no Bulgarian language as an option. I would be happy if someone could help me.
  6. Well, if you think of living in a particular language speaking country, when you say immersed in a language, then I can't really say how it worked for me, because it never happened for me. I studied English language for many years by learning the rules. It was all about how one should build up a sentence, what a sentence consists of, learning about semantics, linguistics, morphology, syntax. And It was very tiring, but also very helpful. It shaped my brain in the way that it taught me how to think in patterns, how to connect words, and make sense of my thoughts for the others around me. However, I was a bit immersed in a language, but it was not like I was living in an English speaking country. Rather, It was through people coming from such countries. They talked to me in English and I picked up the language and accent from them.
  7. Hello to everyone, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend for the New Year's Eve, and tell him that I cannot imagine my life without him. I would love to have it said in as many languages as possible, so I would appreciate it if you can help me with that. I love that boy a lot, and soon i am going to his country to meet his parents, but before that, he would come to meet mine, for the New year's eve. Thank you in advance.
  8. I have not heard of HelloTalk application so far. There are multiple applications for learning languages online, and I have used only Duolingo so far. However, now I will take a look at this one, and hopefully I won't experience the same problem with registration.
  9. Language sharing is just the sort of thing I have personally experienced in the past, and am still experiencing now. I used to have a friend from a Canary Islands, a Spanish guy, whom I practiced my English with, while at the same time learning Spanish. Plus, among these two languages, I have also taught him my mother tongue, Serbian. When we exchanged languages, I would speak in English and he would speak in Spanish, and I would learn Spanish that way. It was fun and very educative.
  10. I might sound so stupid or just uninformed here but this is the first time I heard of palindromes. I mean I know there are some word that read the same forward and backward, but I did not know there was a word for them. I like it now. I mean this is just a great place for one to learn about lots of new things, not only share. I will make sure I spread this info. I feel a little bit smarter now. Thank you.
  11. You are quite right. Writing music lyrics that you hear from bands is a great way to practice your listening skills and comprehension, plus writing, on top of it. Yet, one better not limit himself or herself only with listening to music and writing down the lyrics. I have tried to do that with movies, too. And with Tv shows. So, be creative and touch every single source of the language. It does wonders to learning process.
  12. I have never heard of such a program. I wonder if they have translations in my mother tongue, but I will make sure I check it out. Hopefully, they do. Thank you for introducing it to us. I would need such a thing because there are some expressions, like business expressions or the law ones, that really bug me, making my life unbearable, since I am doing translations occasionally.
  13. I studied Greek for 2 years at the university. The first year was the year where each and every one of us, the learners, thought that we have acquired the language, being so proud of ourselves, not knowing or rather being unaware that we were studying the language that kids in the kindergarten study. So, it was pretty easy, and it took me approximately a week to learn the alphabet by heart. I loved Greek, and was pretty confident about it until I had it the second year. Then, most of us unfortunate ones, got disappointed, when a Greek teacher appeared one day, and when he opened his mouth. We were shocked. All of us that were so much confident about the language could not understand a single word that professor was uttering. The second year was truly devastating for me.
  14. You seem to be a good teacher. I loved the way you explained it all. I have studied Greek for 2 years at the university and it is a pity I have not used it since 2008, so I forgot almost all of it. What is left is my ability to read, and ask a few questions. Even writing is something I have not stuck to so far. I would love to brush up on my Greek. Pose lene?
  15. Language learning is either hard or easy for a learner, depending on many factors, mostly on the will, motivation and basic knowledge of at least grammar notions of his or her mother tongue. Moreover, it depends on the initiative, the understanding or the ability to understand differences, sounds, and the ability to make associations, remember, process and eventually use in utterances. Learning a language is a long and very hard process. I know this from many people around me that coped with learning a foreign language. Plus, it also depends on the teacher - teacher influence is somewhat of a big importance (it was for me, at least). For me individually, there is no an easy language. They are all hard, and it just depends on the learner - whether it will take longer or shorter period of time for the learner to acquire it.
  16. Yes, that is correct. France is one of those countries where if someone asks a thing in English, even if they understood you, they would even pretend they do not speak English. I know this because a friend of mine was doing this social experiment, and it turned out that not only some of them speak perfect English, they also refused to use it in their own country. In my country, Serbia, English is getting popular, so to say. Some fifty years ago, only a few would speak a language, but today, due to media exposure, songs, people commuting to English speaking countries, studying the language, etc., the English language has become a widely spread and used language around here. Still not official, though.
  17. Me neither, but one thing is to have someone correct your mistakes to help you learn, so for your own sake, and it is a totally different thing to have someone judge you and create his or her opinion of you just because you are not good enough in their eyes, keep on correcting your mistakes out of vanity. I have had a lot of people in my class during my studies, who, due to their I guess vulnerable personality or just being prone to other people's opinions, experienced a lot of problems when their mistakes were corrected in such a way I explained, resulting in their fear of opening their mouth to say anything in a foreign language.
  18. Well, watching a lot of movies in the target language has helped many of my friends, myself included, in improving listening comprehension. Also, many songs, videos and just random shows, helped tremendously. Talking with people and getting yourself engaged in a conversation, where you have to listen carefully to what the person is saying, process the information, understand it and say something back at them, is also a very important thing to do to make sure your listening skills are to improve. Reading books, articles and just passages of any kind, out loud, helped me listen to myself, trying to understand what I said, and easily process the information.
  19. Actually, I was also thinking about the same thing. I do not have children of my own, too, but I always believed it would be my aim and goal to make sure they learn my mother tongue, the language of my boyfriend (who is from a different country, thus different language and culture, if we get married), and English language, on top of that. Some might think that will be a lot for a kid to process, but I do not agree. I am of the belief that the younger the children are, the better they accept and the faster then acquire and learn languages. So, I am going to introduce all those languages to my children from the young age, through many different techniques, school/education, etc., and games and fun, too.
  20. Exactly what I used to do while learning English. A lot of repetitions, almost considering myself a parrot at once. I used to do the thing with the cassette tapes and my old radio, and record myself, thought my voice sounded so funny. But, it helped. Repetition is the to successful and correct pronunciation, if you have learned the correct pronunciation prior to your repetitions - you may be learning a wrong way to pronounce the word all along, which may later affect your learning process. Once you learn it in a wrong way, it is very hard to correct your pronunciation later, plus it requires a lot more work.
  21. Hi to all. I was doing some research a few days ago, considering just what you asked here. While doing one, I bumped into this table of countries where English is an official language. Take a look, perhaps it will help you. Countries with English as an Official Language
  22. Yes, you are correct . I simply meant you are not going to be judged by a computer. Being judged reflects on many different spheres of your personality and it can affect the way you will use the language in the future.
  23. The same here. I always find The Little Prince to be thought-provoking, makes me cry, warms my heart, and I believe every one should read that beautiful piece of art. I find it strange when I talk to people and they tell me they have never heard of that book. Makes me sad that they have not encountered the beauty that The Little Prince sees in everything that surrounds him.
  24. Actually, this very same thing was explained to me buy my boyfriend who studied English language (just like I did) in Florida, from a very intelligent professor, and he claims that using 'they' or even 'them', referring to the third person singular, is just plain incorrect and not grammatical. He says one should always use he or she, but I am just saying this in case you use 'them', for instance: 'If you have someone that still texts you even when you haven't replied for ours (or if he still texts you..), while you still ignore them ...', them here is used as a generic plural pronoun. I think there is a great website that can explain this better for you
  25. I like what I read here. It is just awesome that you have so much dedication and will, and motivation for that matter, to spend your entire days to studying languages and dedicate your time and energy to many languages. I am just not sure how you do that without getting confused or mix them up. It is incredible. Just go on doing a great work with languages, you just made me rethink the whole thing again - maybe I will find some inspiration in this fact.
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