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Chatbots for Language Learning


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Hi everyone!

I have been studying Spanish off and on now for about 10 years throughout middle/high school and now in college. It wasn't until I began doing language exchanges as an assignment for my college Spanish class that my conversational skills really began to improve. Currently, I am looking for a research topic for my Masters in Computer Science, and I would like to know whether anyone has used chatbots before to practice their language skills. I believe at least Mondly, Duolingo, and Memrise have made chatbots available for this purpose.

In my opinion, chatbots have a lot of potential to help language learners develop their conversational skills to the point where they are comfortable enough to participate in language exchanges with native speakers. Especially for those just beginning to learn a language, chatbots might provide the opportunity to practice putting vocabulary and grammar into a conversational setting without the added pressure or expense of taking part in language exchanges or hiring a tutor.

I would be interested to hear about your experiences using similar chatbots. What do you like/dislike about them? What would make interacting with them more interesting and engaging? Do you see chatbots as a potential resource for language learners?

I realize that many of the chatbots available now are quite limited, but I am interested in learning what features, if any, would make a chatbot a useful tool for the language learning community.



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Hello. I do not know how well things are with chat bots, but the way you previously studied foreign languages and there is a better and more correct way. It is language exchange with native speakers, not communication with programs. I can advise you an excellent aggregator of foreign language courses https://linguatrip.com/en . Here you can precisely communicate on any subjects, more deeply covering the entire spectrum of linguistic subtleties. the more that communication itself will be with the native speakers of the language, which will allow your knowledge to become more profound and broader.

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Hello! I agree with Nuker! Chat bots, machine translation are good for understanding, pronunciation practice and peeking up new vocabulary, but only engaging with real native speaker builds your confidence and broadens your limits. And some will take so long to master :) Sports and cuisine domains are still my limits, for example, even after many years of studying English :)

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