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My Best English Teacher

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My best English teacher is not books or some school and college teacher but the HBO movies which displays the subtitles in English. I think, I learnt most the pronunciation of the words that people from different part of world speak especially the U.S. and British by seeing the HBO movies.

What has been your best English teacher?

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My best english teacher is online tutorials. I learn so much better when I use my online resources. There are so many things that online resources help you achieve, in life. I recommend using the internet for all your needs.

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I think that's great!  What better way to learn the culture than to watch what is popular?  (As long as it is set currently, and not in the past  :amazed: )

Or watch the news... Current events... Awards shows... Endless possibilities!

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My best English teacher isn't the teacher who teaches me English. My English teacher is whom or what I have learned from. For example, books and talk-radio shows sometimes teach me what I don't know about English. They are the true English teachers because I have learned a lot from them. Good question, by the way!

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