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What English words do you find hard?

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My wife is Spanish and although fluent she still makes mistakes with certain words and this is down to the way Spanish pronounce letters such as J, B, V

For example we don't sleep in a bed ... It is a Beth and we dont eat bread it is now Breath..

The worrying think is that I now adopt these weird words when we are chatting :-)

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Even though English is my mother tongue, I screw up on pronouncing certain sounds fairly often. It's mostly with words in succession. Like, on words where I need to stress a d or t sound, like in "want" or "candidate". Saying the words is easy, but if I say "I want to go to X", more often than not, it'll come out "I wanna go to X".

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anything that ends with 'table'...comfortable,acceptable,vegetable, my husband always teases me and go 'what table ,hun?' .I'd say the worst is those medicine...when you get older and need that stupid antibiotic amoxicillin or HYDROXYZINE..like how do you say that!

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