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How to Put Availability on a Resume – Top 10 Tips!

How to Put Availability on a Resume – Top 10 Tips!

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Employee availability helps employers plan and adjust schedules to accommodate staffing needs.

If you are a student or can only work part-time, there may only be certain days or hours where you are free to work.

Maybe you are just applying for a job that does not have traditional working hours and you would like to let the hiring manager know you are available.

There are many reasons you may have for wanting to inform the recruiter about your availability. 

So, you may be wondering if your availability belongs on a resume.

Here’s your answer.


Should you put availability on a resume?

If the job description asks or if you know that there are certain days where you surely cannot work, it is good to mention it. If you are a student applying to internships, add it to clarify what season you can work. Otherwise, try to leave it for your cover letter or interview.

To sum up, only add your availability on your resume if it is necessary because it belongs better in your cover letter or later in the interview.

If you do decide to add it to your resume, the following tips will help you do it the best way. 

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How to add availability on a resume

First, review your schedule to not have to inform the recruiter about changing your availability later. You can put your availability in your professional summary or underneath your contact details. It’s important to be flexible but don’t commit to days you know cannot work.


1. Review your schedule 

Go through your schedule and make adjustments if needed to be certain about your availabilities. 

That way, the manager making the schedule will be able to fit you in without having to make inconvenient changes later.

Also, don’t forget to research your target company.

Find out which opening hours are their busiest and when their prime staffing needs are and try to create availabilities accordingly.

This would increase your chances of getting hired.


2. Add your availability in your professional summary

You can mention when you are available for work in the ‘Professional Summary’ section at the top of the resume. 

This would be the best option for adding your availability to your resume.

You can summarize your academic or work experience, mention your main competencies and finish with your availability.


Availability in your CV in the Professional Summary: Example 1


Professional Summary

Masters student in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education with 3 years of teaching experience overseeing university registration procedures and implementing advocacy programs. Experienced in providing career and academic counseling to students. Available for full-time work after graduating on May 5, 2021.


Availability in your CV the Professional Summary: Example 2


Professional Summary

Certified armed security guard with more than 10 years of experience in event and property patrol. Skilled in conflict-resolution techniques, emergency response and stationary surveillance. Certified in first aid and CPR. Available to work weekend and overnight shifts.


3. Add your availability with your contact details

You can also put your availability along with your contact details after your name along with your phone number, email, LinkedIn, etc.


Availability with the contact details: Example


John Doe 

+1 234 567 891

[email protected]


Available for work starting May 15, 2021


4. Use a straightforward phrase

Mention your availability in a way that is simple and can be noticed straight away by the recruiter.

Keep it one sentence and not longer.


Availability phrase: Example 1


‘Available for weekend work.’


Availability phrase: Example 2


‘Available for shifts only after 2 pm.’

How to Put Availability on a Resume 10 Best Tips

5. Don’t provide reasons

It is best to not mention reasons on your resume as to why you might be only available on some working days or hours.

You can provide explanations in your cover letter or save them for the interview. 

For example, in your cover letter, you can mention that you can only work on the weekends because you are a full-time student.

There is no appropriate place for this on your resume as it should only be used to sell your experience and achievements.

It will also take up unnecessary space on your resume that can be used for something more relevant.


6. Don’t use ‘unavailable’ in your CV

Whether it is in your resume or cover letter, it is better to stick to a positive tone.

This is why it is recommended to avoid using ‘unavailable’ or anything similar.

List your availability and not your unavailability on your resume. 


7. If your schedule is flexible, use general terms

If your availability can be adjusted easily, you can use broad terms to describe it.

It is good to not give specifics if possible so that it will be easier for the recruiter to fit you into the schedule according to company needs.


Flexible schedule: Example 1


‘Available to take overnight shifts’


Flexible schedule: Example 2


‘Available to work weekends’


8. If you have a set schedule, provide specifics

If you have a set schedule and you are sure of when you can and cannot work, mention specific days and/or hours. 


Set schedule: Example 1


‘Available to work Monday to Wednesday, 8 am to 3 pm’


Set schedule: Example 2


‘Available to work on weekdays and weekends, 4 pm to 12 am’


9. Availability if you are transitioning between jobs

If you are currently employed and are looking to change jobs, the availability to mention would be the day after your last with your present employer. 

Unless you have a reason otherwise, it is good to indicate to the target company’s hiring manager that you will be available immediately.


10. Availability on your CV if you are a student looking for an internship or seasonal work

If you are still in school and can only do an internship for certain months, don’t write just the starting month, include the start and end of your availability.

If you are looking for seasonal work, mention the season of availability.


Internship availability: Example


‘Available to work from June 2021 until August 2021’


Seasonal work availability: Example


‘Available for work in Fall 2021’


How to mention immediate availability on a resume

You can include the fact that you are available immediately in the summary section when describing your circumstances and availability. You may also state this as a short sentence at the bottom of your contact information. Write this information in italics in either case.

When handing in a resume, it is implied that you are going to be able to start work in a timely manner. It is uncommon to include the information that you are available to start immediately on a resume. 

If a job ad specifies that they are urgently hiring, however, it could give you a leg up on the competition to include your immediate availability. 

This information can be included in the summary section at the top of your resume. This section may look like the following:

Professional Summary 

An experienced bartender with over 8 years experience working in New York fast-paced bars. Have worked at banquets, catering, weddings, and private events. Available to work weekdays and weekends starting immediately. 


You may also include this information at the very end of the contact details section, which would look like the following:

Mary Sue 

+1 234 567 891

[email protected]


Available to begin work immediately


Be careful not to include this information unless a company is specifying that they need help urgently.

It may come off as desperate, and an employer may be wary as to why you need work so urgently.

Being fired looks bad on a resume, so you don’t want to draw attention to your unemployment for any reason.

It is also a good idea to italicize this information, as it is not as important as job experience to a potential employer. 

Using italics on a resume is an efficient way to keep a resume concise and easy to read quickly, which any employer will appreciate. 


Frequently asked questions on “How to put availability on a resume”


Where to put availability on a resume?

Availability should be included at the end of the professional summary section, or beneath the contact information at the top of a resume. The information included should be concise and accurate so that an employer can focus their attention on your professional skills. 


How to write the date of availability on a resume?

Use a short, easy to read phrase for your availability when including it on your resume. Write the month as a full word, and include the day and year as numbers (ex. Available for work starting May 15, 2023). Include this information in either the summary or the contact details sections. 


How to mention immediate joining on a resume?

If an employer is seeking an employee to begin immediately, you can include your immediate availability in the summary section. Be short and concise about this, as the focus should still be on your skills and experience. (ex. An extroverted and experienced tour guide available for immediate hire.)