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Adding Contact Items to a Resume — Top Tips

Adding Contact Items to a Resume — Top Tips

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The Contact section of your resume is the very first thing a recruiter will see.

It is right on top, so it is important to write this section flawlessly. 

A mistake here could mean you miss your chance of getting contacted regarding an interview.

Therefore, below, we will discuss what to add as contact items on your resume and how to do it the right way.


What to include in the Contact Section of a resume?

The Contact section of your resume should include your name, phone number, and email. These are the minimum requirements for this section. You can then also add other personal links you have, such as your LinkedIn profile, website, or online portfolio.



Your name should be at the very top of your resume.

It should be your first and last name; you can add your middle initial if you prefer.

The resume is not a legal document, so you can use your preferred name instead of your legal name.

Just be sure to use a name you would like to be addressed by for the rest of the recruitment process and later at the job.

Write it in a large font and bold to help the recruiter associate your name with the contents of your resume.

You can also add a professional title that summarizes your brand right underneath your name in a slightly smaller font.


Phone Number

Write your primary phone number to not miss out on recruiters contacting you.

Make sure that your voicemail is professional in case you miss their call. 

Add your name to the voicemail so they know they reached the right number.

The format for the phone number should be professional as well; don’t just write all the numbers together, as it will be hard to read them.

Write it in the following format: 


+1 234 567 891



The email you mention should be your professional work email. 

It should include your first and last name or at least a simple variation of them.

If you are a student, it is best to use your student email rather than your personal one.



If you have a LinkedIn URL you would like to include, the Contact section is the place for it.

However, before including your LinkedIn URL, make sure that your profile is up to date and organized, as recruiters are most likely going to check it to get an insight into your professional life.

Write in the following format:




Website/Online Portfolio

If you are in the IT or software engineering industry, you most likely have an online portfolio such as a GitHub project to show. 

Perhaps, you just have a personal website.

Add the URL of whichever link is relevant underneath all the other contact info.

As with your LinkedIn profile, make sure each one is up-to-date and organized.




Contact items on resume: Example


Jane DoeMarketing Specialist


+1 (234) 567 891

[email protected]