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Boost Your Crypto IQ: Discover the 17 Slang Words Only Insiders Use

Boost Your Crypto IQ: Discover the 17 Slang Words Only Insiders Use

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Alright, crypto enthusiasts and blockchain buffs, gather around! It’s time to dive deep into the heart of the crypto jungle.
Whether you’re a seasoned HODLer, a newbie just dipping your toes in digital waters, or someone who thought “Bitcoin” was a new kind of chocolate coin, this guide’s for you.
We’re about to embark on a linguistic adventure, exploring the whimsical world of crypto slang.
From the meme-infused madness of “HODL” to the optimistic overtures of “BOOLISH,” these are the 17 crypto slang terms every crypto nerd needs to know.
So buckle up, and let’s decrypt these cryptic crypto terms together!



A confident crypto investor with the text "HODL" in the background

Once a typo, now a battle cry, “HODL” is the Gandalf of crypto slang—standing tall and firm against the swirling markets, declaring, “You shall not pass!” to panic sellers.

Born from a drunken misspelling of “hold,” it has transcended its humble origins to embody a principle of resilience in the face of volatility.

This term has become the mantra for those who navigate the crypto market’s stormy seas with the steadfastness of a lighthouse, guiding their investments through tumultuous waves.

HODLing is not merely about clinging to your assets during downturns; it represents a profound commitment to the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies.

It’s a lifestyle choice, a declaration of faith in blockchain technology’s underlying value and revolutionary promise.

By choosing to HODL, investors signal their belief in their crypto selections, through market highs and lows, embodying a philosophy of patience and long-term vision in an ecosystem often characterized by rapid fluctuations and speculation.

This steadfast approach encourages a deeper understanding of what one is investing in, rather than chasing short-term gains.

In essence, HODLing is about being part of a community that looks beyond the horizon, confident in the transformative power of digital currencies.


2. FUD

The boogeyman of the crypto world, ‘FUD’ (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), lurks in dark corners, ready to jump out and scare the living daylights out of investors.

This term encapsulates the psychological tactics used by some to inject a sense of insecurity and pessimism into the market, influencing perceptions and, potentially, market movements.

It’s the weapon of choice for those looking to shake the market, spreading rumors and misinformation faster than a wildfire in a dry forest.

These tactics can sway investor sentiment and trigger sell-offs, leading to market volatility that benefits the manipulators.

But fear not! Armed with research and reason, you can fend off FUD and make informed decisions.

In the face of such tactics, the savvy investor turns to verified information and thorough analysis rather than succumbing to the emotional whirlwind FUD aims to create.

By understanding the fundamentals of your investments and the market at large, you can stand firm against the waves of uncertainty cast by FUD.

It’s about cultivating a mindset that looks beyond the immediate, often misleading narratives to focus on long-term potential and stability.

This resilience not only helps protect your investments but also contributes to a more rational and less volatile market environment.

Remember, knowledge is power, and in the battleground of investment, it’s your most reliable shield against the shadows of FUD.


3. Whale

An illustration of a whale

In the vast ocean of crypto, ‘Whales’ are the Moby Dicks. These individuals or entities hold substantial amounts of cryptocurrency, giving them the power to influence market dynamics significantly.

With their large-scale trades, they can create ripples or even waves in the market, affecting price movements and liquidity. When they move, everyone notices.

Their actions can signal trends or precipitate market shifts, making them figures of fascination and concern for smaller investors.

It’s like watching a giant do a cannonball into a pool, and you’re on a floatie, trying not to spill your drink.

Their presence is so impactful that their buy or sell orders can lead to substantial price changes, creating opportunities or challenges for other market participants. Respect the whales, for they are both the ocean’s kings and its tempests.

Understanding their behavior and potential impact on the market is crucial for successfully navigating crypto waters.

They embody the dual nature of power within the cryptocurrency ecosystem: as benefactors who can propel the market to new heights with their optimism and investment and as forces of volatility that can stir the market depths with their decisions.

For the astute observer, tracking whale activity can provide insights into market sentiment and potential direction, making it an essential skill for navigating the crypto seas.


4. Pump and Dump

The dark arts of the crypto world, ‘Pump and Dump’ is a scheme as old as markets themselves, yet it finds a particularly fertile ground in the relatively unregulated expanses of cryptocurrency trading.

This manipulative strategy involves inflating the price of an asset through misleading or false statements, only to sell off the significantly overvalued holdings to unsuspecting buyers attracted by the prospect of quick gains.

Imagine rallying your friends to hype up a lemonade stand only to sell your stake when the queue forms, leaving your buddies with sour faces and even sourer investments.

Similarly, in a pump and dump, the orchestrators benefit at the expense of others, often leaving a trail of financial disappointment.

The sudden sell-off leads to a sharp decline in price, causing most investors to incur losses, sometimes devastatingly so.

It’s frowned upon, yet it lurks in the shadows, a reminder to do your homework before jumping on the hype train.

The allure of fast profits can blind individuals to the risks involved, making it essential to approach investment opportunities with skepticism and due diligence.

Understanding a cryptocurrency’s fundamentals, market position, and legitimacy of its growth prospects is crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of pump-and-dump schemes.

By fostering an informed investor community, the crypto market can better shield itself against such deceptive practices, promoting healthier growth and stability.


5. Shill

An illustration of a crypto investor giving his grandma a bitcoin

“Shill” is the crypto evangelist who’s too invested, literally and figuratively.

They preach the gospel of their chosen coin with the fervor of a street corner prophet declaring the end is nigh.

Take their words with a grain of salt, or better yet, a whole salt shaker. They’re often more interested in their portfolio than your financial salvation.



An illustration of a crypto investor fearing of missing out

The siren song that has led many a crypto sailor to shipwreck, ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out), is that itch you get when you see a coin skyrocketing and you’re not on the rocket.

This emotional whirlwind is a powerful force in the cryptocurrency market, driving individuals to make hasty decisions based on the success stories of others rather than on solid research or investment strategies.

FOMO preys on the human desire to be part of the next big thing, igniting a fear of missing out on potential gains.

It’s the panic-buying at the peak, only to ride the rollercoaster back down. FOMO can lead investors to enter the market at inopportune times, often when prices are inflated by the hype driving the fear.

This timing sets the stage for the unfortunate scenario where the only direction left to go is down.

Remember, for every high-flyer, there’s a chance to buy high and sell low—exercise caution.

The cycle of FOMO-driven investment is a cautionary tale of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to trading and investing. Emotional trading can cloud judgment, leading to poor decision-making and potential financial loss.

To navigate the treacherous waters of FOMO, it is crucial to develop a grounded investment philosophy based on thorough research and a clear understanding of one’s financial goals and risk tolerance.

By recognizing FOMO for what it is—an emotional reaction to market movements—you can resist its call and make decisions based on logic and reason, not fear and impulse.

This disciplined approach is key to achieving long-term success in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.



A Crypto Enthusiast reading a book about crypto

Your beacon in the fog, ‘DYOR’ (Do Your Own Research), is the wise old owl in a forest full of noise.

This acronym is a critical piece of advice in the crypto community, underscoring the importance of individual responsibility and due diligence before making investment decisions.

It’s a call to not just passively accept the opinions of influencers, news articles, or market speculation but to actively seek out and verify information oneself.

It’s the reminder that, in the end, you’re the captain of your ship, navigating through the stormy seas of crypto on a voyage of discovery. The crypto market is vast and complex, filled with potential pitfalls and misinformation.

By doing your own research, you’re not only protecting your investment but also empowering yourself with knowledge that can aid in making more informed decisions.

Arm yourself with knowledge, and you’ll find the treasures hidden within the blockchain.

Understanding the technology behind a cryptocurrency, its use case, market dynamics, and the team behind the project can reveal much about its potential value and sustainability.

This proactive approach is akin to charting your course in uncharted waters, where information is your compass and critical thinking is your north star.

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, DYOR is not just advice; it’s a mantra for those seeking to uncover the true gems among the digital currencies.


8. Based

In the crypto community and broader internet culture, the term “Based” signifies authenticity and steadfastness to one’s beliefs, regardless of external pressures or trends.

It praises individuals or projects that are grounded in reality, with a strong foundation in their principles.

In cryptocurrency, being “Based” suggests alignment with decentralization, innovation, and resilience against criticism.

It implies that a person, project, or idea is not just credible but also truly adheres to the ethos of decentralization, offering clear utility and demonstrating integrity.

A “Based” crypto project is technologically robust, remains faithful to decentralization’s principles, and engages its community with honesty.

The term conveys a sense of enlightenment and foresight, appreciating the transformative potential of blockchain to reshape traditional financial systems and societal norms.

Being “Based” is about visionary commitment to foundational ideals, setting a standard in the evolving digital currency landscape.



A Girl Swimming in a Pool of BitcoinIn the ever-optimistic lexicon of the crypto world, ‘WAGMI’ stands out as a beacon of hope and camaraderie.

Short for ‘We’re All Gonna Make It,’ WAGMI transcends being just a term; it’s a rallying cry, a collective affirmation among those navigating the volatile seas of the cryptocurrency market.

This phrase encapsulates the unwavering spirit of unity and shared destiny that binds investors, developers, and enthusiasts in a unique fellowship.

Whether facing the daunting challenges of a bear market or celebrating the thrilling gains of a bull run, WAGMI offers a source of comfort and motivation.

It reassures everyone within the crypto community that, despite the inherent risks and uncertainties, there is a collective journey toward success.

The ethos behind WAGMI is deeply rooted in the belief that the crypto universe is an inclusive space where success is not a solitary pursuit but a communal achievement.

It’s akin to locking arms and stepping into the unknown together, strengthened by the shared conviction that despite any hurdles or setbacks, there’s a communal path to victory.

WAGMI embodies the optimism and solidarity that are essential in the world of cryptocurrencies, encouraging a sense of belonging and mutual support that can often make the difference between perseverance and despair in this dynamic digital landscape.


10. REKT

An angry crypto investor in front of the computer

Ever felt like a digital rug was pulled out from under you? That’s getting “REKT” in the crypto cosmos.

This term vividly describes the brutal loss experienced when an investment plummets unexpectedly, leaving one’s portfolio in a freefall.

It’s akin to the faceplant of the financial world, where your assets take a nosedive into the abyss of market prices, echoing the swift and unforgiving nature of cryptocurrency markets.

REKT is not for the faint of heart; it’s a testament to the volatile and often unpredictable realm of digital currencies.

However, this term also carries a badge of resilience and learning.

For many in the crypto community, experiencing a significant loss is viewed as a rite of passage—a harsh but valuable lesson in the importance of due diligence, risk management, and the realities of speculative investments.

Despite the sting of being REKT, many embrace it as a battle scar, a marker of their journey through the crypto world’s highs and lows.

It serves as a reminder of the risks involved in digital asset trading and the need for caution.

Yet, it also highlights the potential for recovery and growth, encouraging a mindset of perseverance and continuous learning.

In this light, getting REKT can be a pivotal moment, offering insights that shape more informed and strategic investment decisions in the future.


11. To the moon

Similar to “Moon/Mooning,” but distinct for the sheer optimism it embodies, “To the moon!” captures the quintessential spirit of ambition and hope in the crypto community.

This phrase is like setting sail for El Dorado, symbolizing the journey towards immense wealth and success. It embodies the dreams of untold riches that many investors and enthusiasts harbor when they dive into the world of digital currencies.

“To the moon!” serves as the rallying cry at crypto launch parties, a vibrant toast to the boundless potential and transformative power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

It reflects the collective aspiration for astronomical growth, envisioning a future where the assets soar to unprecedented heights.

However, amidst the exhilaration and euphoria, the phrase also carries a note of caution—reminding us to ground our ambitions in reality.

The metaphor of ensuring your spaceship is built on solid tech, not just hopes and dreams, emphasizes the importance of foundational strength.

It’s a reminder that while aiming for the moon, the sustainability and technological robustness of a project are crucial.

This perspective encourages a balanced approach, advocating for investments in projects with tangible value, solid fundamentals, and clear utility, thereby navigating the crypto cosmos with optimism tempered by wisdom.


12. BTFD

BTFD” (Buy The F***ing Dip) stands as the war cry of the fearless within the crypto community, encapsulating a bold approach to market downturns.

This acronym champions the idea of viewing a plummeting market not as a catastrophe but as a golden opportunity, akin to finding a sale in the retail world.

It embodies the strategy of purchasing assets when their prices are significantly lower, under the belief that their value will inevitably rebound.

This approach is likened to the art of catching falling knives with the panache of a circus performer, requiring a combination of timing, courage, and a bit of daring.

It’s a practice that bets on the cyclical nature of markets, confident in the axiom that what goes down must eventually rise again.

However, engaging in BTFD is not for the risk-averse. It calls for a strong stomach and a resilient spirit, as it involves stepping into situations where others are hastily exiting.

For the bold, it can indeed be the path to glory, offering the chance to capitalize on market corrections and reap significant rewards as prices recover.

This strategy, while potentially lucrative, requires a deep understanding of market trends, a keen sense of timing, and, most importantly, the wisdom to distinguish between a temporary dip and a long-term decline.


13. ATH

A very happy crypto investor in front of the computer

Reaching an “ATH” (All-Time High) in the cryptocurrency market is akin to conquering Mount Everest, offering a moment of unparalleled victory and perspective.

This achievement marks a significant milestone, representing the highest price point an asset has ever reached.

It’s a testament to the asset’s growth and the investor’s foresight, often the result of patience, strategy, and sometimes, a bit of luck.

This zenith is not just a figure but a symbol of triumph over the market’s volatility and uncertainty, a peak that many aspire to but few manage to reach.

Achieving an ATH is the moment investors dream of, embodying the potential for substantial returns on investment.

It’s the screenshot saved for posterity, a tangible reminder of the dizzying heights your investments can attain and the smart decisions that led you there.

However, this pinnacle also comes with a cautionary note—what goes up can also come down.

The crypto market is renowned for its rapid fluctuations, and today’s peak can quickly become tomorrow’s valley. Hence, reaching an ATH is also a moment for strategic decision-making.

Investors are reminded to “plant their flag wisely,” contemplating whether to take profits, reinvest, or hold for potentially even greater heights.

This underscores the importance of a balanced approach to investing, blending optimism with a healthy dose of realism and strategic planning for the future.

14. Jeet

A screaming crypto enthusiast in front of the computer with the screen saying "Jeet"

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, where the ethos of HODLing (holding on for dear life) is often celebrated, there emerges the figure of the “Jeet”—the antithesis of this long-term holding strategy.

A Jeet is characterized by their tendency to sell crypto assets hastily, often for minimal gains, driven by short-term fluctuations rather than a conviction in the asset’s long-term value.

This habit of selling too quickly, and frequently at the first sign of profit or panic at minor losses, distinguishes them within the crypto community.

The term “Jeet” has taken on a derogatory connotation in many crypto-focused Telegram and Discord groups. It’s a label often shouted in frustration or jest when an individual sells their assets, particularly in situations where the sale is followed by a significant increase in the asset’s value.

Watching from the sidelines as the asset they sold soars in value, a Jeet might experience regret and the painful realization that patience could have yielded a much greater reward.

However, the usage of “Jeet” can also reflect the highly charged emotions and polarized opinions within crypto communities.

While some traders are quick to label sellers as Jeets, this perspective overlooks the complexity of individual financial situations, strategies, and tolerance for risk.

Not every seller is a Jeet in the true sense—many are simply navigating the market to the best of their abilities, making decisions based on their unique circumstances.

Thus, while “Jeet” serves as a cautionary tale against the pitfalls of impulsive trading and the value of patience in investing, it also highlights the diverse strategies and viewpoints that make the cryptocurrency community vibrant.

It’s a reminder that while long-term investment may be the ideal for many, the diverse approaches to trading and investing are what contribute to the dynamic nature of the crypto market.


15. WEN

A Crypto Nerd in front of a Lamborghini with "WEN" written in the clouds above

“WEN” embodies the crypto community’s shorthand for “WHEN,” capturing the blend of anticipation and impatience for a project’s astronomical success, such as “Wen moon? When lambo?”

This single term reflects the community’s desire for swift, significant returns, highlighting the eagerness for projects to reach milestones that promise financial windfalls.

This playful adaptation is part of a broader trend in the crypto culture of tweaking common language to foster a unique community lexicon. For example, replacing “Sir” with “Ser” illustrates the inventive twist on traditional terms.

“WEN” not only expresses the universal question of timing—eagerly asking when the next big price surge or luxury milestone will arrive—but also highlights the crypto world’s blend of humor and speculative optimism as participants navigate the market’s volatility with shared hopes and a distinct vernacular.



A super excited crypto investor in front of the computer with the screen saying "Boolish"

“BOOLISH” is a creative spin on the traditional financial term “bullish,” infusing it with a unique digital charm indicative of the cryptocurrency community.

It represents an enhanced level of optimism, akin to being bullish but with an added layer of tech-savviness.

It suggests a vision that sees beyond mere potential to an overflow of opportunities within the digital currency landscape.

This term is particularly resonant in the crypto world, where market sentiments can pivot with astonishing speed, making the steadfast positivity it represents all the more significant.

Being BOOLISH is more than just expecting upward trends; it’s a robust declaration of confidence in the technological and financial future that cryptocurrencies promise.

It is a beacon of hope and certainty amid the often tumultuous seas of market speculation and volatility.

In essence, BOOLISH embodies the spirit of those deeply invested in the transformative potential of blockchain and digital assets.

It’s an expression of belief not just in the growth of individual cryptocurrencies but in the broader impact of this technology on the world.

Adopting a BOOLISH stance means looking at the crypto ecosystem with a lens that magnifies its capacity for innovation and disruption, firmly believing that the journey ahead is filled with groundbreaking developments and unprecedented growth.

17. Bags (Fill Up Your Bags / Fumbled the Bag)

In the ever-evolving lexicon of cryptocurrency, the concept of “bags” takes on a significance beyond its conventional meaning, encapsulating the highs and lows of digital asset investment.

Two phrases in particular, “Fill up your bags” and “Fumbled the bag,” capture the essence of strategic investment moves and missed opportunities within the crypto market.

“Fill up your bags” is a rallying call within the crypto community, urging investors to accumulate more of a specific cryptocurrency they believe in, especially during dips in price or before anticipated market rallies.

This strategy hinges on the belief in the asset’s long-term potential, encouraging the bolstering of one’s holdings in preparation for future gains.

This phrase embodies optimism and forward-thinking, suggesting that now is the time to invest, to be well-positioned for when the market swings upward.

Conversely, “Fumbled the bag” describes a scenario where an investor misses out on a significant opportunity, either by selling too early before a substantial price increase or by hesitating to invest at an opportune moment.

It’s the digital equivalent of dropping the ball at a critical time, leading to regret and reflection on what might have been.

This term is a cautionary tale of the importance of timing, research, and, sometimes, the fortitude to hold steady amidst market volatility.

Together, these phrases underscore the dynamic and speculative nature of cryptocurrency investing.

They highlight the community’s culture of sharing strategies and experiences, offering wisdom and warnings that navigate the fine line between seizing opportunities and experiencing setbacks.

Whether filling up bags in anticipation of future wealth or ruing a missed chance, these expressions enrich the narrative of crypto investment, encapsulating the hopes, strategies, and challenges investors face in pursuing digital asset prosperity.


Charting the Crypto Seas with Swagger and Slang

The Crypto Seas

Ahoy, crypto cruisers! As we anchor down at the end of our digital odyssey, it’s clear we’ve navigated the choppy waters of the crypto realm with a blend of wit and wisdom, armed with a treasure chest of slang that’s as rich as the coins we chase.

From the steadfast HODLers braving the storms to the eager WEN whisperers marking time, our journey’s been a mix of high hopes and hard lessons.

We’ve dodged “FUD” like rogue waves and ridden the “To the moon!” tide with stars in our eyes, all the while dodging the “Whales” that could turn our fortunes with a flick of their tails.

Yet, in this vast sea of speculation and meme magic, camaraderie shines brightest. Whether you’re filling your bags in anticipation or nursing the wounds of a “Rekt” expedition, the shared language of loss and laughter keeps our ships afloat.

So, as we chart our course forward, let’s sail with both caution and gusto. The crypto seas are wild and wondrous, filled with opportunity and adventure at every turn.

But remember, it’s not just the loot we gather but the lingo we learn and the legends we become that make this voyage worth the waves.

Here’s to the bold, the brave, and the BOOLISH—may your ventures be fruitful and your spirits never dampened by a sudden dip.

In the grand saga of crypto, the true treasure is the journey itself, and the memes, well, they’re just the wind in our sails.

Set your sights on the horizon, crypto adventurers—WAGMI!