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“Thank youuu” — Meaning, Context & Examples

“Thank youuu” — Meaning, Context & Examples

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Sometimes, it seems like the English language goes out of its way to be contradictory and strange.

In part, this is due to the tendency of English to borrow from as many other languages as it can.

Other reasons include the gradual shift in language over time. To make things worse, technology like the internet has sped up English’s constant changes.

Sometimes, however, things really are simple. Take the somewhat recent addition to the English language, “thank youuu.”

What is the Meaning of “Thank youuu”?

“Thank youuu” is an expression with a more personal and enthusiastic connotation than the regular “thank you” which only contains a single “u.” It is often used in a casual discourse in which the writer wants to convey more emphasis and emotion toward the reader.

The meaning of the regular “thank you”

First off, let’s be clear on the meaning of thank you. This clause expresses gratefulness or thanks to someone. Although it can be used sarcastically, most of the time its use is sincere.

“Thank you” can be used as a full sentence or as either a main clause or subordinate clause in a longer sentence. Most people learn the importance of saying thank you early on in life, and as a result the expression is easily understood.

The difference between thank you and thank youuu

While “thank you” is self-explanatory, people often feel uncertain about its newer variant, “thank youuu.”

Part of the confusion is no doubt caused by the use of “thank youuu” almost entirely in an online setting, whether that’s on a web forum, social media site or in a cell phone text message.

Everybody knows that internet slang is confusing, so when people see something like “thank youuu” they start to wonder if there’s some hidden meaning.

After all, why wouldn’t someone just say “thank you” normally?

Fortunately, there’s no sinister subtext to “thank youuu.” Instead, the repeated letter “u” simply indicates enthusiasm, excitement or emphasis.

Picture someone actually saying “thank you” with that many “u”s and you can quickly understand this expression.

Another way to think about it is to simply delete the extra letter “u”s and replace them with an exclamation mark: “Thank you!”

How to use thank youuu in a sentence

Much like “thank you,” the expression “thank youuu” is a complete clause. That means it can form a grammatical sentence without any other words added.

While the expression is often written without punctuation, you can feel free to add an exclamation mark at the end.

However, unlike “thank you,” it feels a little strange to include “thank youuu” in a longer sentence. Most of the time this expression is used alone or following some introductory phrase like “oh or even “omg.”

In essence, think of “thank youuu” as someone being breathless with excitement. That excitement doesn’t leave much room for a full sentence.

The exception is that other words can follow “thank youuu” if they also have elongated vowel sounds represented by repeated vowels.

This shows the writer’s enthusiasm spreading to other words in the sentence.

Just be careful not to overdo this technique, or it will seem like you’re just shouting about everything in a weird, sarcastic way.

Example Sentences

“omg, thank you!”


“thank youuu, I loooove it!”


Both of these examples show “thank youuu” embedded in a longer sentence.

“thank youuuu foooor theee caaaaard”


This is a good example of how not to use “thank youuu” in a full sentence.

All those extended words make this look weird, not enthusiastic, and anyone on the receiving end of a text like this will not know what to think.

In a case like this, it’s best to just stick to “thank you” and show your enthusiasm with an exclamation mark instead.

The number of “u”s in thank youuu

Does it matter how many “u”s you put in “thank youuu”?

The short answer is no. “Thank youuu,” “thank youuuu,” “thank youuuuuu” and even “thaaaank youuuuu” are all identical in meaning.

Just remember that the more repeating vowels you add, the stranger words start to look.

“Thank youuu” might be cute to send to someone but unless you’re really excited and know the person well, a “thaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!” will probably look sarcastic rather than happy.

It’s always best to communicate simply and clearly when you can. A simple “Thank you!” will do wonders.