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What Languages Does Djokovic Speak? — Unbelievable!

What Languages Does Djokovic Speak? — Unbelievable!

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The world of tennis has seen many champions, but few have dominated like Novak Djokovic.

But beyond his athletic skills, many are curious about Djokovic’s linguistic talents.

A frequent question tennis enthusiasts pose is, “What languages does Djokovic speak?”

This article goes deep into Novak Djokovic’s linguistic abilities, exploring the languages he speaks and their connection to his illustrious tennis career.


What languages does Djokovic speak?

Novak Djokovic is fluent in Serbian, English, and Italian. He also possesses a basic understanding of Spanish, French, and German. His proficiency has been refined over years of international tennis tournaments and interactions.


Djokovic’s Mother Tongue: Serbian

Born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia, Novak Djokovic’s primary language is Serbian.

Growing up in Serbia, he naturally became fluent in this Slavic language.

Serbian, while not as widely spoken as some other European languages, remains Djokovic’s most comfortable mode of communication.

But the Serbian superstar’s linguistic journey doesn’t stop at his native tongue.


Djokovic’s Second Language: English

As Djokovic started to make waves on the international tennis scene, he quickly mastered English. This allowed him to communicate seamlessly with players, coaches, and the media worldwide.

His interviews in flawless English have showcased not just his linguistic talents but also his charismatic personality.


Djokovic’s Mastery of Italian

Residing in Monte Carlo and frequently participating in tournaments across Italy, Djokovic has acquired a good grasp of Italian.

He often interacts with his Italian fans in their native tongue, showcasing his respect and appreciation for their support.


Djokovic’s Understanding of Spanish, French, and German

With the ATP tour taking him to Spain, France, and Germany, among other nations,

Djokovic has gleaned a basic understanding of these languages.

While not fluent, his capacity to greet and share basic dialogues in Spanish, French, and German demonstrates his adaptability and dedication to global fans.

Here’s a clip showcasing Djokovic’s German skills:


To sum things up, here’s a neat summary for you:

Novak Djokovic’s Language Skills

LanguageProficiencyLanguage Acquisition Context
SerbianNativeBorn and raised in Serbia
EnglishFluentInteraction on the international tennis circuit
ItalianFluentParticipation in Italian tournaments and residence in Monte Carlo
SpanishBasic UnderstandingATP tournaments and interaction with Spanish players
FrenchBasic UnderstandingATP tournaments in France and interactions with French players
GermanBasic UnderstandingATP tournaments in Germany


Does Djokovic speak Chinese or Japanese?

Djokovic is certainly not fluent in either Chinese or Japanese. 

He does, however, know a few words in each.

Here’s the proof:


Novak Djokovic is obviously not the only celebrity that speaks a plethora of languages. 

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Frequently asked questions on the topic of “What languages does Djokovic speak?”


Is Novak Djokovic fluent in English?

Djokovic is fluent in English. He often uses it for interviews and public appearances on the international stage.


How many languages does Djokovic speak?

Djokovic is fluent in Serbian, English, and Italian. He also has a basic understanding of Spanish, French, and German.


Did Djokovic learn Italian because of his residence in Monte Carlo?

Yes, living in Monte Carlo and frequently participating in Italian tournaments contributed to Djokovic’s proficiency in Italian.


Does Djokovic know Arabic?

Djokovic knows a few words in Arabic, but he is not fluent in it. 


Does Djokovic speak Portuguese?

Djokovic knows a few words in Portuguese, but he is not fluent in it. 


Is Djokovic fluent in Russian?

Djokovic isn’t fluent in Russian but has picked up a few Russian words over the years.