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  1. Hi there, welcome to linguaholic! May I ask how you started with Japanese? How are you doing so far with it?
  2. He knows quite a few, the last time I checked his Youtube channel, he can speak 8. Could have changed though, it's in his blog I think. I only discovered his youtube channel, and boy does he know his languages. His Spanish accent was quite on the spot as well.
  3. Shakespeare is almost always in secondary school curriculum here. By that I mean sometimes they would throw in different playwrights, but most of the time it's Shakespeare. For my senior year we were to study Macbeth for the exams, and the year group before us got Hamlet on their senior year. I liked his works, but the exams were just terrible (but bearable). You can get asked a lot of questions from as easy as Macbeth's character and it's development to the question if Lady Macbeth is pure evil or just doing it for the sake of her husband. There was also a question a few years back that focused on kingship and it drove people crazy (haha) because there's only so much you can say about the other kings like Malcolm (future), Edward, etc..
  4. Haha, apparently one of my classmates invited me to come with her and visit a friend in Germany who was an exchange student in our school. However I don't recall ever hearing it from her so either I forgot about the whole thing or it didn't register because I was probably busy with something when she told me. I only realised the missed opportunity when I saw the photos and was wondering why I wasn't invited... :wacky: :wacky: :wacky:
  5. Well we speak English here in Ireland, so we do have English class, but it's different I guess. Since it's our official language, we don't really learn grammar etc. and such like what other countries would do. However we have things like reading/watching plays (Shakespeare most of the time), comparatives (1 novel, 1 play, 1 film), poetry and other things.
  6. Well, thank god I'm not the only one feeling this way. I could try and converse with that language with someone who is learning the same thing, but to a native? I'd be really conscious, especially because I might say something wrong and they would be able to point it out, since they speak it. If I'm chatting or writing though I feel more relaxed talking to a native, but that never happens.
  7. Whenever I learn a new language, speaking and sometimes listening gives me the most challenge. I get very conscious when speaking a foreign language, especially when trying to converse with someone whose native tongue is that language. Listening though depends. It depends on the accent of the person I am talking or listening to. Reading or writing has never been a problem for me. It's the easiest part for me
  8. Well I don't live in America so there's not really a huge Spanish speaking population here, but the only time Spanish comes in handy for me is when we go to Spain for holidays. For every day life though, not really. Everyone here just speaks English.
  9. I have already learned several languages, but to be honest I still don't know where to start. Well in school they usually start with basic every day phrases like "Hello", "Thank you" and those sorts and then gradually move on to the alphabet and basic grammar.
  10. I would love to learn German next because it provides extra benefits just like Spanish. Germany is leading right now within the European Union, and getting involved with German businesses and jobs would be a huge plus. I actually hope to travel to Germany someday (I was supposed to last Halloween but I completely forgot about the whole thing..) and possibly even work there. As well as this, I do find the language itself very fascinating. It might not be like a romantic language or anything but it does appeal to me very much, and so does Swedish..
  11. Some people who are not used to it will probably think that way, but for me who has heard quite a good amount of German it really isn't that bad. I guess it's a bit rough like you say, but definitely not aggressive. I have one Spanish friend whose accent is just aggressive sounding it sounds like she's shouting all the time, and she speaks quite fast as well. Now that's pretty aggressive.
  12. ¬°Hola! Welcome to linguaholic, I hope you get a lot out of this site and improve your language learning
  13. Oh wow, I got curious, so I searched for this. It looks amazing! And the activities are decent as well. Looks like I'm signing up! I could maintain my Spanish here and start on German as well.
  14. Well this has been used for a long time now, but it's always "fit" when referring to someone that's "hot" here. Also, "pretty" and "beautiful" are less used, and instead you'd always see the young ones use "stunning". Then there's "any craic" or "what's the craic" that has been there for a long time now as well and are used both by both teens and the older ones. It just means "what's up" or something along the lines.
  15. Hi there Daniel, welcome to linguaholic! I've been wanting to learn Swedish and Japanese as well, but I think I might go with German first.. well I don't know. How did the program in Japan go?
  16. Haha that made me giggle! :wacky: Anyways, for this one I think Italian. I have been listening to Marco Mengoni's music for ages now and I still get mesmerised by it. The fact that some of the songs focus on love as well makes it better.
  17. Ah yes, "haber" always gave me problems back then. I remember trying my best to avoid having to use that one
  18. The language is amazing I say (I'm from Ireland) but it's challenging enough! You should totally try learning it
  19. I have seen this in one of the German books I had at home, and even if I haven't properly started learning yet, the idea got me more into the language. I found it fascinating, and at the same time a bit practical since you can name something using two words that describe it instead of a whole new word.
  20. I'd love to learn a lot of languages, but one at a time I guess. I'm leaning towards learnings German first for now since I'm done with Spanish, but I'm finding it quite hard to get good resources. If things go well with it I will then have a choice of Italian, Swedish, or Japanese
  21. Hello, welcome to linguaholic! I'm also interested in German so I would like to ask, what resources are you using? Are you learning on your own or are you taking classes?
  22. Hello, welcome to linguaholic! Are you already fluent in a foreign language or are you only starting to learn a new one? Hope you find a lot of useful information for a language you're particulary interested in!
  23. Google Translate is unreliable. I guess the only way you could use it where it would be right most of the time is to recall some words' meanings, or for phrases that you want to have a general idea of.
  24. Hi Shelly, welcome to linguaholic! Hope you enjoy your time here I think starting again with Spanish is a good idea since you've already had a background of it before. It shouldn't be too hard for you since you're going to remember a lot of things and pick up new ones as well while learning.
  25. Lo siento is more often used to have a more sensitive, or empathic feeling (in some cases) towards things. It's like when someone died and you say something like "I'm sorry (for your loss)". It's basically used for serious stuff. Perdon is something like "Pardon me" when you bump to someone and other minor things like that.
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